Intel Vs AMD: Which CPU do you need?

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Laptop or desktop, each machine’s performance depends on some of the key components and CPU, the brain, is the most important. You should choose the right CPU as the brain can’t be changed because on a particular CPU architecture supports a specific motherboard or chipset. So, upgrading a CPU means, need to change the entire motherboard.

But even after a while, you can upgrade RAM or storage (we get one or more than one slots to add higher capacity RAM plus option to add more SSD or HDD).

Intel and AMD are two key players in the market, both have a wide range of CPUs for different machines. But which one would be a better choice for you?

Before deciding which processor is right for you, better to determine what you are seeking – speed, graphics, affordability or multi-tasking while browsing the internet?

If you know the answer, you can easily decide which process is perfect for you.

Intel Vs AMD

For high-end performance, intel is the preferred choice. However, they cost higher as well but offer seamless performance with blazing fast speed. Whether you are a gamer, professional or student, Intel can suite to your high-expectations.

AMD is the most cost-effective processor, if you have a limited budget, AMD is a perfect fit. It does have a wide variety of CPUs that can cater to different requirements gaming, professional, multi-tasking, etc. but will be a pocket-friendly deal.

Laptops – Nowadays most consumers prefer laptops over the desktop due to convenience and portability. And you don’t buy a laptop every day, so choose wisely as there are multiple options from thin to ultrathin laptops. No doubt cost will vary depending on the laptop profile, but most important is CPU because looks matter but performance matters a lot.

Gamers looking for a high-end experience, require a processor with higher clock speed and graphics processing. Intel Core i5 / i7 H Series and AMD Ryzen 7 / AMD Ryzen 5 series of processors are a perfect fit, choose as per your budget.

Professionals looking for high-end performance can rely on intel’s Core i7 U Series / Intel Core i5 or i7 G Series and AMD Ryzen Mobile 7.

Students with a tight budget can look for Intel Core i5 U Series and AMD Ryzen Mobile 5.

Desktops – Whatever your budget is, a perfect combination can be found easily. And the best part of PC you can go for customized (assembled) PC as per your requirements.

When it comes for desktop PC, most of the users customize the machine as per their requirements. Gamers majorly look for high-end CPU with great graphics processing. On the other hand, professionals look for CPU that can handle multitasking.


Gamers have various choices from both of the brands – Intel and AMD. The new 9th Gen Intel Core desktop processors come with up to 5GHz and 16-way multitasking.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G has four cores with eight threads with integrated Radeon Vega 11 integrated graphics. And if you can invest more, then AMD Ryzen Threadripper 32 cores processors provide an astonishing 64 threads of simultaneous multi-processing power.

Professionals looking for multi-tasking with high-end performance can consider buying Intel Core i7 processors that come equipped with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0.

And if you require a workstation with elite performance then AMD Ryzen 9 Desktop processors are right for you.

For students, Intel has Core i3 processors which are available at a competitive price and deliver amazing day-to-day performance. Alternatively, you have AMD Ryzen 5 / 3 processors for uncompromised smooth performance.


Intel has a bigger brand identity in the Indian market plus it offers a variety of CPUs that can fit different performance requirements. However, when it comes to budget-friendly CPUs then AMD is a perfect choice. Thus, it largely depends on your requirements and then budget, so do compare clock speed, overclocking capabilities, cores, threads etc. before making the final decision.

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    According to ZDnet, AMD’s high end CPUs are now better than Intel’s.

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