iPhone 12 Is Quickly Becoming the Most Rumoured Smartphone EVER

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The iPhone 12 is the new generation smartphone that is going to succeed the current iPhone 11. A simple search will tell all about the device even though Apple themselves are not sure what is the iPhone 12 going to be. Apart from basic concept arts from the manufacturer, there is not much to go on but that has not stopped the rumours. Now rumours are not always a bad thing and especially in the case of iPhones. More rumours mean more online interest and more hype around the product but sometimes things do go too far. Even the name iPhone 12 is essentially a rumour but what else will Apple call it anyway. Now rumours do originate from a source and no matter how far from the truth they go they will always have some of it still left in them. So here we have compiled the most realistic rumours that have a huge chance of appearing on the new Apple iPhone 12 series.

What to expect in the new iPhone 12 series? A realistic take

A realistic look at the rumours of the new iPhone 12 series would still paint a picture of awe. So here are the most common rumours that are floating around the internet with the highest probability of making their way in the new iPhone 12.

  • High refresh rate: This is one of the rumours that is floating around on the internet. The new iPhone 12 Pro will come with a 120 FPS capable display. The reason this one is more pausable is due to the fact that the hardware in the current iPhone 11 Pro is capable of pushing out 120 FPS easily but it has been limited by Apple to conserve battery. There is a chance of iPhone 12 Pro version to offer 120 FPS since most of the Android flagships are already offering high refresh rates on their devices.
  • New Design for iPhone 12: Now with every iteration of the iPhone Apple has done some subtle design changes but nothing too radicle. There is a good reason for not shifting from the quintessential Apple design. Apple is a radical and innovative company but even they understand that iPhones are more than a smartphone. People want the usual Apple design so the new iPhone 12 may be refreshed a little in design but not to the degree rumours say so.
  • A Smaller iPhone 12: This rumour is probably the only one that is the most unexciting one. Apple already makes a smaller form factor device called the iPhone SE. What could happen in reality is a new budget device from Apple in the iPhone 12 line-up for markets like India. Though highly unlikely that this will happen but Apple has been aggressive in its India expansion so there is a possibility that a new iPhone 12 with a small form factor could come.
  • 4G only version of iPhone 12: Another rumour that is very recent is that a variant of the new iPhone will come in 2021 that will be only 4G. Now the only issue with this rumour is that Apple already has the iPhone SE which they can just revamp for 2021. So again, Yes but No.
  • Prices of the iPhone 12 series: The biggest rumours about the iPhone 12 series are not about its camera or hardware but only of its price and for good reason. People want to know the price of the new iPhone and that is where the problem starts. The prices of the new iPhone series will be very similar to the launch prices of the iPhone 11 series. Apple as a company believes in consistency and price is something that they will not mess around with. So instead of believing the rumours just check the price of iPhone 11 when it launched and maybe add $50 to it and that’s the maximum price they will put in the iPhone 12.

Why are Rumours for the iPhone 12 series bad?

Rumours themselves are not bad but it is the hype around the device that puts an organisation at a disadvantage. Expectations are not often transformed into realities. If you have played games like No Man’s Sky then you probably know what hype can do to a product. Rumours like LiDAR coming in the iPhone 12 are at the end of the day just rumours. Can Apple put LiDAR in the new iPhone? Yes, they can but will it be useful for the average consumer is the real question. For all intents and purposes, Apple can even put a 6000mAh battery in the new iPhone but is that even necessary. Brands like Apple are more focused on making their hardware and software function at the most optimum level possible so chances of the new iPhone coming with a lie detector are very low but extremely high of coming with a more sophisticated facial recognition software.

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