Latest Metaverse tool allows users to create with voice commands

Mark Zuckerberg introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that helps users build virtual worlds based on voice commands.

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Alexa, Cortana and Siri are passe’. Meta (formerly Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced recently that his company had developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that helps users build virtual worlds based on voice commands. During his ‘show-and-tell’ session, Zuckerberg demoed software that enables users to simulate a walk in the park, beach experience, and being marooned in a Blue Lagoon kind of island.


Using what Meta termed as a ‘Builder Bot’, Zuckerberg demonstrated a Metaverse software that works on voice commands. He termed this as an ‘explanatory concept’ where the user gets to generate immersive experiences of, say a beach, replete with the sounds of seagulls and whales.

Builder Bot, the neural voice assistant generates a meme that features a beach picnic among many others. Meta’s developers are working to perfect the natural language programming, while simultaneously trying to create a universal speech translator.

‘Builder Bot’ is all about turning voice instructions into objects in virtual reality: “Let’s add some clouds… Let’s add an island there… how about adding some trees here...Let’s get the sound of some waves and seagulls…” everything popping into sight as requested is what Builder Bot has to offer.


The experiences generated by Builder Bot are in 3D. A simple natural language command like – “Let’s go to the beach”, will create a beach-like system-generated experience.

The question is, is this cutting-edge? Well, the reply is…for now yes; till the next new ‘big thing’ comes along and makes this obsolete. That could take a week or a year; who can tell?

“As we build for the metaverse, we'll continue to break ground in areas like self-supervised learning and building the world's most powerful AI supercomputer to drive the future of AI research breakthroughs," Meta said in a release.

For the ‘unversed’, the metaverse is a social 3D connection on the Internet. It is a conjecture of the physical world facilitated by virtual reality through augmented reality headsets. The users in this computer-generated reality interact through virtual avatars.

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