Advertisment Bridges Hollywood and Bollywood with Hindi Live Broadcasting App

Rajkumar Maurya
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Cheetah Mobile Inc., the mobile utility and content app developer, is launching a localized Hindi version of its live broadcasting app for its ever-growing user base in India. has seen exponential growth in India since its launch earlier this year in February, witnessing a 10 times jump in users in a mere five months. With the growth of the Indian mobile eco-system, the volume of mobile internet users is set to double and cross the 300 million mark in 2017. is confident that it will ride this wave and double its current daily active users by the end of Q3. According to Cheetah Lab, , about 47.1% users on the app belong to the age group of 18-24 years followed by 34.4% users in the age bracket of 25-35 years.


In the month of June, secured the highest installation numbers in India that tops the world. is one of the biggest live broadcasting apps present in India in terms of its user base size. With a high growth potential in India, the Company hopes to become the bridge between Hollywood & Bollywood. It is the perfect platform for artists that are unable to display their talent beyond their own cities and towns, to expand their reach, not only to audiences across India, but across the world. came to India after creating waves in the United States where it is ranked #1 amongst live broadcasting apps for the region on Google Play and top three on the App store. recognizes the importance of staying closer to talented broadcasters and is setting up an office near Hollywood in California, United States. seeks to cultivate unique talents in parts of India that have shown strong growth in terms of influencer numbers and has talented individuals that are proficient at singing and dancing. With upcoming online as well as offline events and competitions, intends to inspire the Indian audience to voice their creativity and passion.

 Recognizing that Indian users prefer familiar content, has localized its content and promotions. The app has localized gifts such as Indian favourite foods samosa, laddoo, jalebis, and festive stickers such as diyas and Holi colours. Going a step further to ensure the safety of the platform, has identified sensitive Indian keywords in both English and Hindi that would block and report users with unsavory content. features over 100 local influencers to engage with, including popular models, singers, dancers, comedians and youth artists, such as Anupma Singh, Shamaayal, Anjali Tatrari, Dimple D’souza, Sonel Singh, Reyna Vashishtha, Anisha Gill and Bharti Chaudhary.