Valorant 9.00 Patch with new skins and features

Riot Games has unveiled the patch notes for Valorant 9.00 update, bringing significant changes to the game, particularly for the agent Iso.

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Valorant 9.00 New Skins, Features

Riot Games has unveiled the patch notes for the Valorant 9.00 update, bringing significant changes to the game, particularly for the agent Iso. Following several weeks of Iso's dominance as the top agent, this update introduces a substantial nerf to balance his abilities.


In the previous major update, Iso received extensive buffs, while other agents underwent various adjustments to enhance gameplay diversity. These buffs elevated Iso's performance so drastically that he quickly became the most powerful agent in the game. Top players swiftly called for immediate changes, arguing that Iso's overpowering abilities needed urgent rebalancing before the next major update.

Abyss Map and other features

The awaited nerf has now been implemented in the 9.00 patch, which aims to realign Iso with other agents. A notable modification is to Iso’s "Double Tap" ability, which will no longer refresh upon achieving two kills. This change prevents Iso from maintaining an almost constant shield throughout the rounds. Additionally, the duration of the Double Tap buff has been shortened from 20 seconds to 12.


Consequently, to extend the buff, players must now rely on shooting the orbs that appear after a kill. While not a complete overhaul of Iso’s mechanics, this adjustment is significant enough to potentially restore balance, making Iso a regular agent choice rather than an essential pick for every game. Time will tell if these changes have the intended effect, but the nerfs appear substantial on paper.

In other developments within the 9.00 patch, the new map "Abyss" has been integrated into the ranked map pool for PC players. This update also addresses various bugs that have plagued the map since its recent launch.

Console players of Valorant will also see notable changes, as the ranked mode is set to debut in this patch, accompanied by numerous bug fixes. However, a known issue persists where the surrender menu could inadvertently lock player controls for the remainder of the round. To prevent this, the surrender option has been temporarily removed until a permanent fix can be applied.


Evori Dreamwings Update

Additionally, the Evori Dreamwings is the first premium skin bundle introduced with Valorant Episode 9 Act 1. Scheduled for release on June 27, 2024, the bundle will be priced at 9,900 VP, equivalent to approximately $105. This release aligns with Riot's new schedule, where skins will launch two days post-patch, and Battlepasses will follow one day later.

Details of the Valorant Evori Dreamwings Bundle:


Bundle Cost: 9,900 VP

Includes four gun skins, one melee weapon, one gun buddy, five animated cards, and five titles.


Evori’s Spellcaster (melee): 4,850 VP


Ghost: 2,475 VP

Odin: 2,475 VP

Spectre: 2,475 VP

Vandal: 2,475 VP


Pink (with changing finisher VFX)

Green (with changing finisher VFX)

Orange (with changing finisher VFX)


These updates signify Riot's continued efforts to balance gameplay while introducing new content to keep the game fresh and engaging for players across all platforms.

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