“Nubia converting a phone to DSLR”: Dheeraj Kukreja, Nubia Technologies

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Dheeraj Kukreja, Marketing Director at Nubia Technologies shares the roadmap and USP of Nubia in India in an exclusive interview with PC Quest

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Dheeraj Kukreja, Marketing Director, Nubia Technologies

Nubia was founded in 2012, that time it was the subsidiary of ZTE.
In China the project of the company was started separately as Nubia only, but in India it came up with ZTE. Last year in October, Nubia started it’s operations separately around the globe. In 2016 Nubia started functioning individually.

What is the USP of your company?
The company is totally focused on photography.The second thing on which we are focusing is design. We believe that design is one of the
important thing of the product. We want all our products to look beautiful. The user while using the phone should feel its beauty and the product should look premium.

What are the prime features of the products launched by the company?
A lot of features that a DSLR has, are in built in our phones. There are 12 camera features which are already there in the products. Our focus will always remain on photography, this is where we want to be and reach in future, so our target audience is also the photo enthusiasts. And the products that are already in the market have the features of a DSLR. With these features we are trying to take photography to the next level.

What is the price range of the products and how they are categorized?
We have our products starting from Rs 7,000 to 30,000. Between the Rs 7,000 to 30,000 range. The Rs 7,000 to 10,000 includes one product type; the Rs 10,000 to 15,000 range includes 2 or 3 products and then there is the Rs 15,000 to 20,000 range which includes 3 products and at last we have Rs 20,000-29,000 range where we have 2 products.

What will be the price range for the products to be launched in India this year?
This year, there will be better user interface for the customers, more features and price wise above 10k and till 30k products will be there. All this will be exclusively available on Amazon.

What is the service support you are offering?
Currently the kind of responses we are receiving includes no such hardware issue thus hardly have any hardware issue. The concern is software which I think can be resolved online very well. The website includes software one can download and install.

Where is the major sale happening and what is the GTM strategy?
The major sale is coming from the top 15 cities. We have young audiences there. The focus was always clear. It is directed only on mobile photography. We have started working with the photographers and I am not talking about tech bloggers. One of our customer is running a page on social site and all the pictures are taken from Nubia phones only so our investments will always include photography on top.

How do you plan to compete with others in the market?
We don’t want to compete. We just always try to innovate with our products only. Even the company’s tag line is ‘Be yourself’.

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