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The device is made to offer flexibility at work and home. The Voyager Legend CS Bluetooth Headset System with HL10 can be connected with smartphones, tablets and office/home telephone. It is designed to answer all the calls landing on mobile, tablets and even telephone. This one headset can connect multiple devices simultaneously using Bluetooth.
What is all about – The Voyager Legend CS Bluetooth Headset System w/HL10 is set of several devices along with one Bluetooth headset, magnetic dock and HL10, an automatic handset lifter etc. The headset can directly be connected with any smartphone or device using Bluetooth, while magnetic dock and HL10 enable Bluetooth connectivity with telephone.

Design and look – The headset looks quite decent and comfortable in use. It can be managed easily for both left and right ears. Headset can be carried in the pocket, but the entire setup needs a bag pack to be carried out. Dock design is simple, but the lifter can affect beauty of your telephone. The headset has 4 buttons and one charging port. On the back side there are two buttons, from top – volume control and below the power button and the charging port that can be connect with the dock. Rest two buttons are located on the earpiece to receive the call and one call-mute button on the boom.

How is it done – Setting up the device could take some time and may need professional’s help. It is a set of several small devices and connectors. The magnetic dock runs over electricity, when connected dock will light up with blue light placed on the bottom (3 lights, 1- call status, 2- Power and 3-headset battery). Simply Place the headset on it to charge the headset. Third blue light, placed on the front panel, will blink in every 10 secs during the charging. Now move to setup the HL10 with the telephone. HL10 handset lifter comes with sticky tapes, place the lifter over the desk phone and tapes will stick it onto the phone. Lifter comes with one RJ-11, one RJ-45 connectors and one RJ-11 port, in which RJ-11 connector needs to be fixed into headset of telephone and RJ-45 with the magnetic dock, and insert the headset RJ-11 cable in the port. HL10’s 3.5 mm power cable needs to be inserted into the dock.

Pairing with Dock and Smartphone/tablet – When headset is fully charged, the third blinking light turns into solid blue, take it off from the dock and press the power button placed on the back side, wear it and then press and hold the call answer/end button until you hear the word “Pairing”. Now, switch on Bluetooth of your smartphone or tablet and pair the device by following the same process. Once connected, you will get a line “phone one connected” and “phone two connected”, it will verify that both devices are now connected with one headset.

Performance – The magnetic dock requires electricity, when in use, else can be switched off, meaning requires some adjustment on the desk and may be electric board. Lifter only works with dock’s power, so make sure to placement is done in right manner. Setting up the device own is little complicated, better to let professional do it. The dock is the charging port as well for the headset and takes about 20-25 minutes, once fully charged can run for up to 7 hours with normal usage else for up to 4 hours.

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