PUBG Mobile India Is Releasing Someday and No One Knows When

Sushant Rohan Singh
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If there is one thing that no one in India seems to know about but everyone is talking about, it is PUBG Mobile India. Ever since the Indian Government banned PUBG Mobile from India it seems every day we are getting articles about when the game will be relaunching. The game was banned due to its ties with Tencent gaming which is a subsidiary of Tencent, a Chinese multinational technology conglomerate holding company.


The Indian Government banned PUBG Mobile due to security concerns over user data being misused and also because of its Chinese connection. However, since PUBG Mobile was such a big game for India and Indians that it almost singlehandedly restarted the esports scene in India that it was not going to go away just because of Tencent. So PUBG Corporation got involved and they said that PUBG Mobile will come back to India but not with Tencent games.

Basically, they said that PUBG Mobile India will be published by PUBG Corporation and not by Tencent games. This news obviously created massive waves like it was supposed to. Literal wall to wall coverage was given to a mobile game for the first time in the history of Indian gaming. After that, a LinkedIn post appeared that said PUBG Corporation is looking into starting their India operations.

By this point, the PUBG Mobile India hype train was really gathering steam. Since then there has been an announcement that a new PUBG Mobile made for India only or as they put it PUBG Mobile India is going to be launched. Some more announcements and tons of rumors have also made their way into the mainstream but overall, no one knows what is going on or when the game is actually coming.


Now another post has emerged and this time on Instagram. Gem Esports that PUBG Mobile India will be coming in just a few days and apparently the claim is verified and true. This however takes attention away from the larger problem facing the Indian gaming scene. All rumors and vague announcements over one of the most played games in the country show a lack of effort and frankly a decent PR.

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If there is a want among the players to know when the PUBG Mobile India version will be available then they should not have to depend on third-party sources. Even Fau-G, a game that never saw the light of the day had somewhat of a better PR than what PUBG seems to have for India. The twitter account of PUBG Mobile India is till very dead and so is the Facebook account. At this point, it doesn't even matter when the game will release. So much hype and so little returns.

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