PUBG is getting a Team Deathmatch mode with Update 6.2

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PUBG is shaking things up a bit in their upcoming Update 6.2.  With the latest update, the game will be getting a Team Deathmatch mode where two teams of 8 will battle it out against each other. The first team to reach 50 total kills will be crowned the winner. 

This mode will have 7 different battlefields which will be taken from the four maps of PUBG. Basically, the battlefields will be specific locations where the match will be restricted to on a map. 

List of Team Deathmatch battlefields: 

ERANGEL – Stalber, Sosnovka Military Base
SANHOK – Paradise Resort, Docks
VIKENDI – PodvostoPeshkova
MIRAMAR – Campo Militar 


TDM mode will only have a first person perspective and players will have unlimited respawns. Players will also get to select their preferred spawn loadout as well. This mode will give out Battle Points, but there will be no Survivor Pass XP rewarded. 

PUBG Team Death Match Rules: 

  • 8 vs 8
  • FPP only
  • Spawn Kits enabled
  • Open the map to select your weapon Spawn Kit 
  • Respawns enabled 
  • Respawn 5 seconds after each death 
  • Players respawn close to friendly players if the location is safe 
  • Players will be briefly invulnerable after respawning 
  • DBNO disabled 
  • No knockdowns 
  • Friendly Fire disabled 
  • Kills and assists fill your boost gauge 
  • After not taking damage for 5 seconds, your health will begin to regenerate, whilst also depleting your boost gauge 
  • Players cannot reconnect to TDM matches. 
  • Unfortunately, this includes accidentally leaving the match or crashing 

Win Conditions 

  • The first team to reach 50 kills or the highest kills after 10 minutes wins the round 
  • 2 round wins secure the match victory 


  • BP will be rewarded based on your individual score 
  • No Survivor Pass XP is received 

For more information regarding Team Deathmatch in Update 6.2, visit the official PUBG Arcade blog here. 

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