Return of Nokia – the Next Big Bang

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The chugging Nokia train is all set to pick up speed and carry all onboard down the nostalgia lane. We all have had our remembrances with the chunky durable bodies and everlasting batteries in Nokia-produced phones. After being bought by Microsoft in 2012 at merely $7.2 billion, the company’s brand name had been fated to eat dust – thanks to its scruple of remaining loyal to Windows Phone platform in a market dominated by Android.

Nokia’s Mobile Business, which retained 70% of the market share in 2008, was bought by HMD Global, as CEO Arto Numella looks to recall the people’s favourite brand until Android and iOS took over its position in the market. A former Nokia Executive, Numella, is confident about the another rise of Nokia’s domination.

Return of Nokia – the Next Big Bang

Nokia Pixel Leak Images

Since the benchmark leak of Nokia (reportedly called) Pixel, the Android as well as the smartphone community is buzzed to have learnt about its dazzling specs. It is likely to sport a QuadHD resolution atop 5.2-inch or 5.5 screens, featuring a Snapdragon 820 SOC chipset, metal body and a 22.6-megapixel Carl Zeiss camera. Another phone D1C recently surface post leaks which is powered by a Snapdragon 430 processor and Adreno 550 GPU. It hosts 5 and 5.5-inch Full HD screen in two different models. The former will have 2GB of RAM and 13-megapixel camera while the latter will have 3GB along with a 16-megapixel camera.

Return of Nokia – the Next Big Bang

Nokia D1C Leak Pictures

Even though the prices for these phones have not been disclosed yet, the return of the Finnish Corporation is readily a phenomenon. Everyone, especially those who’ve had close ties with the “Connecting People” tagline, is either excited or anxious about company’s comeback. But Nokia will neither be producing nor marketing these phones. Nokia phones will be manufactured Foxconn – the company which currently manufactures for Apple too – and India is likely to be its key manufacturing hub, while HMD Global take care of the marketing part with an exclusive 10-years contract.

Return of Nokia – the Next Big Bang

The beloved Nokia 1100

Additionally, Nokia has ventured into buying the French telecom enterprise Alcatel-Lucent, a step which will give a great boost to its marketing endeavours across Europe and Apple dominated markets. Rumors suggest that Nokia will be rebuilding Classic Nokia Phones to regain love for its brand.

The only official revelation we have right now is that HMD Global will be releasing two phones in the first half of 2017 under the Nokia brand, without further clearer details. HMD Global will be present at World Mobile Conference, Barcelona but there’s no official announcement, yet. The phones will most likely run on Android 7.0 without many UI customizations, save the its own intuitive Z Launcher.

Nokia holds large chunks of residual equity from over the last decade and needs to capitalize it. Nokia may have been seen at a disadvantage for being alienated in the market for over three years, all Nokia really needs to be successful is to optimize Snake for Android. The corporation doesn’t need a magic wand to have an audible return in the market – it, however, should avoid making any mistake. Nokia needs to root its R&D into making indestructible phones and great batteries.

Return of Nokia – the Next Big Bang

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