Blueair Blue Pure 211 Air Purifier Review: Fresh & Healthy Indoor Air

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Price: ₹ 22,990

Key Specs

    360-degree Air Intake, Activated Carbon Filter, 350 cubic feet per minute CADR, 5.7kg

Pros: Convenient One-button Operation, 360-degree air intake, Minimal Design and Five Colours to choose from, Easy filter replacement

Cons: Price

Bottomline: If a hassle-free experience is your preference, buying this Air Purifier is highly recommended, especially if anyone in your family suffers from breathing related ailments. It can also serve well at offices, clinics and gymnasiums. However, for a feature-loaded experience, Sharp Plasmacluster FP-F40E-W Air Purifier can be a better choice.

The air we breathe is getting heavier with unhealthy particles and while outside air quality gets due attention, we often overlook indoor sources of pollution like pet dander, paint fumes, dust or even airborne microbes. Each of these threatens our respiratory health and increases the risk of cancer and heart diseases. For a blue moon, we had focused on sources of pollution visible to our naked eyes, but invisible rogue have lately gained attention and we have seen an influx of various electronic air purifiers. We recently reviewed the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier and were very impressed. Here’s a kin from Swedish manufacturer of Air Purification equipment – Blueair.

A Convenient Setup and Colourful Choice

Recently launched, the Blue Pure 211 Air Purifier comes at a price of Rs. 22,990 with a dedicated focus on domestic usage. Blue Pure 211 comes in a convenient two-piece assembly with the exhaust fan in the upper half and a replaceable Activate Carbon filter at the bottom. One can choose from five colours – blue, black, white, yellow and pink – of the filter bottom to match their personality and room décor.

Effective Carbon Filter with 360-degree intake

With dimensions 21 x 13 x 13 inches, Pure 211 sits conveniently without stealing much space. It dons a minimal appearance and has a single button in the centre which can be used to cycle between Low, Medium and High-speed modes, turn it off or on and subsequently toggle modes in the same series. The air purifier boasts 360-degree air intake for low noise and increased airflow, and has an Active Carbon filter which captures dust, allergens, particulate matter as well as gaseous substances. The inlet air is subjected to electrostatic charges, ensuring maximum capturing of particles within the 4.3 square-meter filter medium.

Freshness Swept over Wide Area

Blueair claims a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 350 ft3/min, meaning that it cleanses a 350 cubic feet area of smoke, dust, bacteria and gaseous fumes per minute.  It cleans 540 sq-ft area, five times each hour. Additionally, the exhaust fan is stated to be highly energy efficient. The Pure 211, at High fan speed, is it is adequately audible from all corners of the room, while at lower modes the sound almost sinks in, which is great, especially for a sound sleep.

Placing it at the centre of a 40 x 30 ft area in our test lab, we observed a noticeable increase in the freshness of air and decrease in odour and dampness of air. Bad odours from pests or pets, food spillage or trapped moisture can be easily be dealt with using the Blue. We have a big aquarium in our lab and there was a significant decline in the issued foul smell.

Filter Replacement Routine – Change after Every Six Months

BlueAir Blue Pure 211 Air Purifier

Blue Pure 211 Replacement Carbon Filter

The filter has a life of 4,380 hours or 6 months if run for 24-hours a day after which a change is recommended by Blueair. Two push buttons on either side help unhook the fan and the filter for replacement. For the environmentally aware, this air purifier filter is made up of recyclable polymers and plastic.


With an overall very user-friendly and minimalistic design, Pure 211 from Blueair can be extremely helpful for those who want to avoid an intricate setup process or user-interface. But this ease comes with an overblown price. Farfetched in terms of features, the Sharp Plasmacluster FP-F40E-W Air Purifier is lot quieter and comes with three stage filtration at Rs. 24,990.

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