KENT ALPS Air Purifier Review

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Price: ₹ Rs. 21,990/-MRP / Rs.17,990 MOP

Key Specs

    HEPA Pure Technology Based Model, Three stage HEPA filters (removes carcinogens particles Pollen, Allergens, Surface adhering Mold, Fine Dust and clinging odors like Cigarette smoke, foul smells or pet odor), CADR with 400 m3/hr capacity, removes large and visible pollutants, up to 430 sq feet

Pros: Three stage filtration, effective odor and impurity removal, looks good, various speed options

Cons: None

Bottomline: Compare to Aura, the ALPS is priced higher as well as comes with more power and features. It is a great choice to keep your family safe and remove odor and other air impurities.

The air quality of every city is deteriorating day by day. Pollution levels are touching the alarming height, especially in regions like Delhi/NCR. The air we breathe is injurious to health, even while sitting at our home we are not safe. But thankfully we can clean our house air and make it breathable using air purifiers.

KENT RO Systems Ltd recently brings a new version of its air purification system KENT ALPS – HEPA Air Purifiers. The HEPA Pure Technology Based Model removes dangerous particulates from Air.

The technology
HEPA filters have the efficiency to catch and trap indoor carcinogens particles like PM 2.5 particulates (removes up to 99.99 %), Pollen, Allergens, Surface adhering Mold, Fine Dust and clinging odors like Cigarette smoke, foul smells or pet odor.

KENT ALPS Air Purifier comes with a CADR with 400 m3/hr capacity making it ideal for an area of up to 430 sq feet. It incorporates some smart features like Intelligent Air Quality Monitoring, and filter replacement indicators, child lock, and low noise operations.

KENT ALPS has three stage filtration process, the Primary filter acting as the first line of defense removes large and visible pollutants such as large particle dust, cobwebs, debris, human and pet hair, the Activated carbon filter removes any smell odour including smoke, foul smell, pet smell, and Antibacterial coated ‘HEPA’ (high-efficiency particulate arrestor) developed with superior Japanese technology, catches and traps carcinogenic particles such as bacteria, pollen, allergens, mould, dust etc.

KENT ALPS Air Purifier Review

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) is a type of a mechanical air filter, which removes 99.97% of particles of size less than 0.3 microns in diameter from air passed through it.

The ability to purify air
We used the air purifier in our office premises and tested its abilities. In the course of more than a month, The ALPS air purifier was able to remove impurities from the polluted air. Using the Kent Pollution Monitor, we were able to see the differences as well as actually, we were feeling it. The air pollution monitor rated 249 µg/m3 air impurities and when we turned the purifier on, its rating comes down from serious to good within 5 minutes.

KENT ALPS Air Purifier Review

The machine is not enough silent, you can feel the noise, but after a period of time, I even forgot it. It was able to effectively stop different types of odors from food smell to some other stinks. We found it really useful to remove odors and air impurities.

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