Lenovo ThinkCentre M910 Review

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Price: ₹ 47000 (Excluding taxes)

Key Specs

    7th Generation Intel Core i7 CPU, Windows 10 Pro OS, Up to 64 GB DDR4 RAM, PCIe or Intel Optane SSD or HDD

Pros: Compact design, build quality, performance, dustproof design

Cons: None

Bottomline: The compact sized desktop is built keeping the business requirements in mind. With the overall perfect performance, it’s a great product to consider.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M910 is a mid-range business desktop with the compact form factor. Considering the lower desk space, Lenovo added power into a small PC to manage almost any task for space constrained users. The PC is backed by modern hardware and runs on latest Windows 10 OS to offer you amazing computing experience.


Design and Features

The tower desktop chassis is built with solid metal that offers durability. The balanced dimensions make it ideal for small spaces. Additionally, it comes with a secure and lockable bay at the front. The bay hides USB ports and other connectivity ports. Also, TPM 2.0 now offers even more robust protection for important data.

A business PC can be used in any environment or workplace be it a workshop or a regular office, thus they can build up dust over the time, affecting performance and reliability. ThinkCentre towers come with optional Dust Shield to reduces dust intake by up to 57% and is easy to remove and wash.

ThinkCentre M910 tower supports up to 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processors, PCIe SSD storage such as Intel Optane Technology. With GTX 1080, the M910 tower is capable of supporting the highest-end VR development and consumption with great visual performance. Plus, it’s Oculus-certified, so you’re able to get clear guidance and official support for your VR and 3D content.



As the desktop is designed for businesses, it is backed by a combination of powerful hardware. While using the PC for more than a month, I run various applications which we typically use to perform our day-to-day tasks. No doubt, it manages all the applications perfectly without any performance lag, even while operating more than 8 apps simultaneously.

But, it is built to deal with even more heavy applications, thus I loaded it with various high graphics intensive apps, including Adobe CS6, Adobe Premier, etc. I used the PC to edit various images as well as videos. Also, I run some games that consume a whole lot of power, such as and games like Shadow of Mordor and Theif. Though, it’s not a gaming machine, yet these games can help us to understand the real world performance when a professional will use it with high graphics intensive applications. The desktop did well, in terms of gaming performance as well. We didn’t see any visible lag while playing games.

Further, I opened 20 Tabs in Chrome and Mozilla, plus run Adobe CS. At this point of time, I did see a little delay while switching between apps and tabs. However, considering no one is going to load the PC this much, I can say overall it’s a perfect machine.

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  1. drate
    #1 drate 24 September, 2017, 12:47

    Hello. Im considering to purchase M910 w/ GTX 1080 and 400Watt power adapter. Im little worried about noise levels? Can you please share your feedback regarding noise levels when running games and/or heavy applications like Adobe CS ?

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  2. Geeb
    #2 Geeb 6 October, 2017, 06:17

    Great Machine! I am using the previous gen thinkcentre, but it is amazing. I am planning to upgrade this, and your review helped me to invest the money.

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  3. stantech
    #3 stantech 15 November, 2017, 16:27

    I also have concern about the noise level of M910 as some reviews raised this issue.

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