Synq DG-SQ200-BL In-ear Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

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Price: ₹ 2,499

Key Specs

    Wireless Bluetooth Earphones
    65 mAh batteries

Pros: Convenient while listening to music, powerful mids and treble

Cons: Prone to getting lost, Unimpressive Bass, poor call quality, single ear during call

Bottomline: Loud, clear and crisp sound are imminent features of these earphones, but only if you can overlook the weak bass frequencies. If you can bear with a high price to flaunt these as part of your style quotient, or really do not care as long as the audio is loud enough, then you should

The future will be wireless, said Apple CEO Tim Cook as he introduced the iPhone 7 which lacked the headphone jack. Apple also released Airpods, traditional earpods without wires, and some internal modification. What Apple fans marked as innovation could easily be read as a marketing strategy for a range of expensive accessories. Accessories which make life for a handful and difficult for many others (we talk about airpod style earbuds, below).

If you are one of the former batch, we have a cheap replacement for you – Synq DG-SQ200-BL In-ear wireless Bluetooth earphones. What is better is that these even work well with Android devices. These wireless earphones are typically tiny cylinders with earbuds emanating from one face, while the other face serves as a button beside housing the notifications lights and microphone on the individual. These come bundled along with a USB cable which has thin pin ends for charging – which invoke nostalgia in reminiscence of early Nokia smartphones.

Synq DG-SQ200-BL In-ear Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

These sit comfortably inside the ear, and the additional earbuds can ease it further for you. Contrary to Apple’s $159 Airpods, which come in a standard open earpod design, the in-ear style is more to our liking. You can hold these in with more ease, and they don’t tend to be very weighty on your earlobes. But we cannot deny that these are equally easy to lose and difficult to find due to the tiny chassis.

Connecting the Synq DG-SQ200-BL earphones may be a cumbersome job as each pod has individual switches. Although, while connecting to iOS devices, you can pair one of them and the other one aligns automatically while connecting to either Windows or Android, you must first connect one and then switch to the other so that they get connected. We were able to get great connectivity up to a distance of nearly 15 feet without walls.

After listening to a variety of genres including Groove Metal, Progressive Rock, and Sufi, we observed that the sound through these is overall impressive with crunchy mids and uplifting treble, but lack the necessary amount of bass. Bass is so feeble that some of the songs sound bass-less (and hence baseless). Loudness, however, is top notch and you usually don’t observe any creaking – even while listening to Melodic Death Metal.

Synq DG-SQ200-BL In-ear Wireless Bluetooth Earphones ReviewCalls, on the other hand, spell a misery while using the Synq DG-SQ200-BL. First of all, only one of the earplugs is active at a time, and the distance of the mic makes it even more dreadful. Listeners mostly complained of being able to hear partially or not at all. Another peeve with this is that it despite being connected doesn’t play audio, and ceases to do so whenever it pleases to, leaving no option but to reconnect.

The only problem with this pair of earphones is that they function as individual sets and often feel short of breath even when you’re well within the range. The units with 65mAH batteries each charge completely in nearly 60 minutes and can play as long as almost 3 hours when both are used together. For a price of Rs. 2,499, they may be a pricey prospect. One can, however, buy these for the sheer purpose of flaunting something unique.

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