Samsung Own Generative AI Model is on its Way: Samsung Gauss

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Samsung officially introduced Samsung Gauss, their own generative AI model, for the first time on Wednesday. The generative AI model of the South Korean IT giant bears the name of the renowned mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, who invented the normal distribution theory, sometimes referred to as the bell curve.

What all does Samsung AI model Gauss has?

Samsung Gauss consists of language, code and image models and will be applied to the company and its various products in the future. The name “reflects Samsung’s ultimate design vision, which is to apply all the phenomena and knowledge of the world to harness the power of artificial intelligence to improve the lives of consumers everywhere, the company said at the Samsung AI Forum, an annual artificial intelligence forum for experts and researchers from Samsung Research and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology since 2017 in Seoul. 

Samsung said the model, developed by its research unit Samsung Research, is currently being used at the company to increase employee productivity, but will be expanded to product applications in the future.

Gauss AI model coming to S24 series

Samsung Gauss will be an integral part of the Galaxy S24 series when they launch in January 2024.  Samsung employees are already using Gauss to increase productivity, the company said.

How will this impact Samsung users?

According to the tech giant, Lingvo is a generative language model designed to improve work efficiency by helping with things like writing emails, summarizing documents and translating, Samsung said, and it can also improve the consumer experience by providing smarter device management when applied to products.

The model itself consists of several models that can be implemented in the cloud and on the device. Code and the coding assistant based on it, code.i, are made for companies’ own software. It allows developers to code easily and quickly, and supports features such as code description and test creation through an interactive user interface, Samsung said. Image, on the other hand, can easily create and edit images, allowing you to style, insert and convert low-resolution images to high-resolution images, the tech giant added. 

These models can be used in the device to protect consumers’ private information, while Samsung has also tried to ensure the safe use of AI through its AI Red Team, which monitors data security and privacy issues that may arise during data collection, the development of AI model, service implementation and by the results created.

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