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SoftAge leverage the heights of Document Management system (DMS) across the world.

Keeping in concern the environmental problems of the world, cloud technology and Green IT are the next step of documenting; however the importance of papers still cannot be ignored. Especially in Indian market, which is still behind the others in terms of latest IT implementations of storage in large scale enterprises. The documentation management system is a revolutionary step in the management of documents which completely change the ancient way of paper documentation. In this revolution SoftAge are those IT companies which help our modern world organization to completely digitize their paper documents.

SoftAge Information Technology provides solutions and services in document management to small, medium and large companies in many vertical industries to focus on your core business. With this solution all your document processing becomes central and with efficient processes that operates in the document data flow right from the point-of-collection to the warehouse, including verification, audit, scanning, record creation, data and document retrieval which evolves over time to increase efficiency, security and reduced costs.

Mr. Yasin Ozair, Director SoftAge, addressed the global delegates of IT industry about the importance of proper documentation for a business entity in the age of online threats that can easily affect the Cloud technology and may result in the leakage of highly sensitive data.

Benefits of Document Management  systems

Reduced Storage: In modern and ancient world the storage space for paper documentation increases the cost and results in the people to compete for space within an organization. Scanning documents and integrating them into a document management system, reduces the cost of storage. It also allows any documents that still need to be stored as paper to be stored in less expensive locations.

Flexible Retrieval:  Retrieving information from documents stored as hard copies are always time consuming, especially in an Organization. A DMS stores all the information of your document centrally on their servers which can be accessed directly without leaving your desk and thus allows for flexible retrieval of your documents. You can also retrieve files by searching any word or phrase using Indexing.

Improved Security, Controlled and Document distribution: DMS reduces the cost of documentation by reducing the overheads associated with paper based document distribution, such as printing and postage and removes the typical delay associated with providing hard copy information. A DMS can provide better, more flexible control over sensitive documents using encryption etc. Many DMS solutions allow access to documents to be controlled at the folder and or document level for different groups and individuals.


Disaster Recovery: Paper is  bulky and vulnerable to fire, flood, vandalism, theft, etc. but a DMS provides an easy way to back-up documents for off-site storage and disaster recovery providing failsafe archives and an effective recovery during disaster.


On being asked why Paper documentation still holds the importance in the growing era of digitization, Harsh Tikku, Director of SoftAge said, ” From Banking, telecom to healthcare, the proper documentation forms keystone of business processes. The story does not end at the documentation itself. The document with their confidential and or significant data need was to be preserved”.

He also emphasized on the security aspects of the paper documentation and put some light on the methods utilized by the SoftAge. He said that the organization complies with norms set by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and follow their rules pertaining to physical and data security. The company also takes adequate measures to make their warehouse fire proof, so that there are no ways of loss of documents due to an accidental fire.

During the conclave organized by the company, various industry leaders met to understand the significance of Document Management. Apart from this, the event was arranged to commemorate the completion of the company’s 20 years of business operation, with over 11,000 employees and 600 offices across India and overseas.

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