Super Mecha Champions Review, Anime Mecha Battle Royal You Need

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Netease games were quite busy in 2019. They launched Cyber Hunter and Super Mecha Champions in the same year but only one of them made it in regions like India. While Cyber Hunter was more of a mashup of Creative Destruction and Rules of Survival, Super Mecha Champions was the mashup of Anime and battle royal. The name Super Mecha Champions even sounds like an anime series though maybe not the one you would probably have watched. The mecha anime genre is very popular in regions like China, Japan, and South Korea. A game that mixed Anime and Battle royal was sure to make a mark in those regions. So did Super Mecha Champions made its mark or missed it by a long shot? Well, the answer is yes and no. No, because it failed to create the hype it needed to be a huge success in the global gaming community. Yes, because it did find its niche and it was among the anime fans.

Super Mecha Champions ReviewSushant Singh | Pcquest

Anime is huge in China, Japan, and South Korea. Incidentally, these are the same countries from where Netease gets most of its players for all of its games. Any game that can execute anime aesthetics and battle royal component well is going to be a hit anyway. The good thing about Super Mecha Champions is that it offers both Multiplayer mode and battle royal mode to its players and after spending sometime with the game we finally understood why that is the case. Most players in Super Mecha Champions were playing the multiplayer mode team deathmatch which only unlocks after reaching level 5. To reach that level players need to play the battle royal mode in the beginning of the game.

Super Mecha Champions Review For Android and iOS:

The game is available on iOS, Android, and PC. We tested the game on the Redmi Note 8 Pro with 6GB of Ram and 64GB of storage. The processor was Mediatek Helio G90T and Mali G76 GPU. Right off the bat, we noticed that the game was not your usual battle royal like PUBG Mobile or like any Netease game even. Super Mecha Champions was a completely new experience. The anime-inspired aesthetic of the game was like a breath of fresh air in the mobile battle royal genre. The addition of mecha suits in a battle royal was truly a new and original idea by Netease games and the smooth gameplay was like a cherry topping on what was already a sundae ice-cream.
Starting with the game there is a choice presented to players to choose their avatars. First, there is Ning. Ning is a highschool student who wants to be the best at whatever she does. She has a mecha suit called Firefox. The other avatar is Rom. Rom is a Former Ace Mecha Pilot and senior operative whose career came to a screeching halt when he suddenly became wanted 8 years ago. His mecha suit is called Arthur. Once players have taken their avatars they can start their way to the lobby. The lobby displays the Mecha suit and the avatar you have chosen with a host of options. In the beginning, you have to go with battle royal mode to level up and get familiar with the game and its controls. It’s like training with bots. In the battle royal mode, we discovered that Super Mecha Champions had taken heavy inspiration from other Netease titles like Cyber Hunter with the gliding system. Instead of dropping on the map from an airplane, players have to choose where they want to drop on the map and get there immediately. What is similar in Super Mecha Champions BR mode is the shooting aspect. It is the same as Cyber Hunter mostly but what is not very Cyber Hunterish is mecha suits. The mech suits in the game must be selected from those available for free (others must be unlocked with patience and the in-game currency or through microtransactions ), belonging to a group composed of eleven different models, which each have unique characteristics. The Firefox, for example, is equipped with a powerful Gatling gun and a missile launcher, while the Arthur fights exclusively using swords, therefore at close range. The funny Caramel, with its teddy bear head, moves awkwardly but is devastating thanks to its explosive bullets, while the Skylark is quick and elusive, equipped with a special that cuts the air with energy shots. When and if our mech is destroyed, we will be able to continue fighting on foot, referring to well-established mechanics for the genre, even if we already start with a light machine gun supplied.

Players will find weird weapons like a guitar that fires balls of fire at mecha suits. You can also call your mecha suit in the game but only for a limited time and then the mecha suit will recharge till it is available again. Mecha bots are there and so are enemy player with their mecha suits. The game is fun but can be a bit tiring for players who are not into mecha animes or anime in general. Unlike the popular games like PUBG Mobile that are appealing to a huge audience, Super Mecha Champions is appealing to a niche community of mobile gamers who like anime and want that asthetic in their games as well.

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