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Ace the rapidly evolving cybersecurity game with Adaptive Cybersecurity

by August 31, 2021

COVID 19 has changed the way we do business. A global survey by Gartner states that 88% of the organizations surveyed have made it mandatory or encouraged their …

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Practical cybersecurity skills are in high demand but extremely hard to find

by August 23, 2021

Soma Tah   A study conducted by ISC2 on Worldwide Cybersecurity Workforce highlighted that the need for additional cybersecurity professionals in the Asia Pacific region is the highest …

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With many new connected assets, need a single source of truth

by March 22, 2021

The band-aid security solutions that were put in place last year now need to be replaced with scalable, long-term, strategies, feels Adam Palmer, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, Tenable. The post-Covid world has …

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Popularity puts Digital Media & Entertainment at greater cyber security risk

by July 30, 2020

Soma Tah The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we live and work. With stringent lockdown and social distancing measures needed to control the pandemic situation, left the …

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COVID-19 renews focus on better & secure Mobility Management strategy

by July 3, 2020

Soma Tah  The COVID-19 crisis has brought life and work to a screeching halt in its wake, but businesses managed to stay afloat, thanks to a plethora …

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The new normal of work makes Insider Threat Management a tricky affair

by July 3, 2020

PCQuest, in association with Aujas Cybersecurity and IBM Security, held a live webinar on the theme of “Strengthening Remote Workforce Security” to give businesses a guided tour …

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Industrial Robots: Don’t overlook the risks

by April 15, 2020

Soma Tah   Interesting times ahead for the industrial robotics market, as artificial intelligence(AI) has made it easier to train robots now and thereby, making them more accessible to a wider array …

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McAfee Labs Cybersecurity Threats Predictions 2020

by December 7, 2019

“With 2019’s headlines of ransomware, malware, and RDP attacks almost behind us, we shift our focus to the cybercrime threats ahead. Cybercriminals are increasing the complexity and volume of their …

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Threats spiking at the application layer

by November 30, 2019

A lot of the attacks are credential stuffing, because all of us have so many online profiles. We tend to reuse our username-passwords across, which eventually goes to the dark …

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Hackers are leveraging radical attack vectors

by October 31, 2019

According Gnana Prakash Masilamani, Post-Sales Leader at Cyberbit, banks should have a very good Last line of Defense with EDR solutions to protect their endpoints as these endpoints are the …

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Longer Downtimes and Higher Costs from Cyberbreaches says Cisco Study

by October 10, 2019

According to Cisco study of 2019 Asia Pacific CISO Benchmark, 46 percent of companies in India reported receiving more than 5,000 threat alerts a day; 43 percent of …

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With the rise of digitisation, the worst is yet to come

by September 30, 2019

Jyoti Prakash Country Director of Enterprise Security Business, Micro Focus India, says that at least 4 billion records, including credit card numbers, home addresses, phone numbers and other highly sensitive …

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Skybox Security Report: New Vulnerabilities Soar, OT Attacks on the Rise and Cryptominers Reign Supreme

by January 29, 2019

Skybox Security announced the release of its latest Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report which analyzes the vulnerabilities, exploits and threats in play over the previous year. The report, compiled by the …

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Insider Threats: The sleeper cells of Cybersecurity

by January 18, 2019

Authored By: Sameer Shelke, COO, Aujas It is no secret that Data breaches and cyber attacks have damaging effects. What is most concerning however is the growing sophistication of these cyber …

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Beware: Whatsapp Gold is not real!

by January 7, 2019

With Whatsapp being one of the most widely used mobile applications in the world, it has painted a target on itself as being a platform for cyber attackers to float …

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Cyber Attacks: 3 Essential Tips to Protect Yourself

by October 8, 2018

Author: Ellie Martin, co-founder of Startup Change group One of the most pressing issues of the technological age goes largely overlooked. Cybersecurity is our last line of defence against cyber warfare. …

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Global Study Finds Artificial Intelligence is Key Cybersecurity Weapon in the IoT Era

by October 5, 2018

As businesses struggle to combat increasingly sophisticated cyber security attacks, the severity of which is exacerbated by both the vanishing IT perimeters in today’s mobile and IoT era, …

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F-Secure, Zyxel Bringing Secure Wi-Fi to Connected Homes

by October 4, 2018

F-Secure and Zyxel are teaming up to bring fast, secure Wi-Fi to homes all over the world. The two companies have signed an agreement to offer service providers a …

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Spirent Communications Approved as Authorized Test Lab for New CTIA IoT Cybersecurity Certification

by September 17, 2018

Spirent Communications announced that it has been approved as an Authorized Test Lab for CTIA IoT Cybersecurity Certification, a new testing program designed to confirm the security designs and …

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VIVOTEK Cybersecurity Solutions at IFSEC 2018

by June 12, 2018

VIVOTEK is proud to showcase its latest IP surveillance solutions at IFSEC 2018, taking place from June 19 to 21 at ExCeL, London. Located at booth B252, VIVOTEK will present its strategy, “See More in Smarter Ways,” in a range of exceptionally …

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