Stellar Introduces New-Age ‘Data Recovery’ Solutions to mark its 25th Anniversary

by December 20, 2018

Stellar has announced the global launch of new versions of their four flagships ‘B2C’ software, Stellar Data Recovery for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Stellar Photo Recovery. The new suite …

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Element Case unveils X1 Series Cases for the new Apple iPhones in India

by September 28, 2018

Element Case has strengthened its presence in the India market via its premium offering for the latest iPhones, the X1 series of ultra-protective, unique and innovative iPhone cases. In a recent survey done …

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Apple iPhone 9 Live Images Leaked

by August 6, 2018

After creating much hype last year with iPhone X, Apple is again set to launch 3 new iPhones this year. The affordable iPhone out of the three –Apple iPhone 9 with …

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Belkin Introduces 3.5mm Audio Cable With Lightning Connector

by July 27, 2018

Belkin introduces its 3.5mm Audio Cable with Lightning Connector which allows iPhone users to connect directly to the car stereo or home speakers with a single cable. The new …

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Apple Introduces New Families Page To Assist Parents With Screen Time Concerns

by March 15, 2018

Today, the amount of time children spend on mobile phones has progressively increased. This usage has become a major concern for parents. Hence, keeping this in mind, the tech giant …

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VoxWeb Brings Its Signature ‘Voxies’ to the iMessage Platform

by March 13, 2018

VoxWeb announced the launch of its new iMessage app that brings an exciting new feature for iPhone users. The new feature enables them to send ‘speaking pictures’ to each other over iMessage. …

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Apple Increases iPhone Prices and Ditches Qualcomm for Intel

by February 5, 2018

After the FM Arun Jaitley announced the Union Budget 2018 last week wherein the customs duty on mobile phones increased from 15 percent to 20 percent, the tech giant Apple …

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Belkin Sweeps Awards Season With Prestigious Wins At CES 2018

by January 22, 2018

Belkin honoured with nine CES 2018 recognition and awards for its innovative products and continues to build its legacy and reputation for premium quality. Its newest BOOST↑UP Wireless Charging portfolio took …

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How much does it cost to repair the screen of iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X?

by December 19, 2017

A crack on the iPhone screen is a crack on your image! iPhone is more than just a telecommunication device. It’s a status symbol. Therefore, what will you do if …

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The Jack of all trades: Introducing world’s first magnetic fast charging cable

by October 4, 2017

We live in an increasingly fast paced world, where there is a need to stay connected 24X7. However, everything comes to a standstill if even one of our devices gets …

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Made in India iPhone to start this month

by May 18, 2017

US tech giant Apple Inc on Wednesday said it is beginning initial production of a “small number” of ‘iPhone SE’ in Bengaluru and will start shipping to domestic customers this month. It will …

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Save Mobile Data, Here are five ways to cut down on iPhone data usage

by May 8, 2017

Is your iPhone guzzling down data? Are you straining yourself to find out how to stop data leakage? Here are five things you can do to do stop more data …

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Apple is Finally Going to Start iPhone Manufacturing in Bangalore

by February 3, 2017

Apple is all set to start iPhone manufacturing in India in the next three to four months. The government of the Indian state of Karnataka has welcomed a proposal from Apple …

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The Best is Yet to Come From Apple

by January 11, 2017

Ten years ago, Apple stunned the world with the first iPhone and the entire smartphone industry changed forever. It was one of the single biggest disruptions in the tech industry. …

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Xiaomi Amazes at CES 2017 with Mi TV 4: Modular Smart TV Thinner Than iPhone 7+

by January 9, 2017

Xiaomi clearly hates bezels and made it clear with the launch of the bezel-less Mi Mix later in 2016. At CES 2017, the Chinese electronics giant has stretched its innovative wings …

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Apple to Start Local Manufacturing in India

by January 5, 2017

According to the recent report from Reuters, Apple Inc is in talks with India’s government to explore making products locally, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, as the US …

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iPhone Ranked India’s Most Reputed Mobile Phone, Samsung Mobiles Follows at 2nd Place: Survey

by January 4, 2017

The American multinational mobile brand, iPhone is ranked as India’s Most Reputed Mobile Phone brand in a study by BlueBytes in association with TRA Research (both part of the Comniscient …

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The Evolution of Mobile Screens: Will 2017 be Full of Innovation?

by January 3, 2017

Perceptions and preferences in the digital market are evolving. Mobile is the new master with clear domination in context of the number of devices in the market. At the same …

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Smartphones Dominate Flickr Uploads with Apple Leading the Pack

by December 9, 2016

Apple remains the leading camera brand among its users according to a report by Flickr. Smartphones have grown as the device of choice for photography enthusiasts, while point and shoot and …

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Does Premium Pricing Make Flagship Smartphones such as LG V20 More Attractive?

by December 7, 2016

Apple, which previously used to be the brickbat for its expensive pricing, now has to compete with new Android launches for the badge of “most elite flagship” smartphone. Elite, unequivocally …

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