Tech Development & Future Of Smartphones In 2018

2018 has many exciting tech & smartphones development in store for you. From AI to augmented reality and from upgrading cloud storage to IoT and IIoT.

Jagrati Rakheja
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2018 has many exciting tech developments in store for you. From artificial intelligence to augmented reality and from upgrading cloud storage to IoT and IIoT. The inventory of technology seems endless.


We are already one month down of the year 2018 and still can’t stop talking about the IT trends; the innovations that will be unveiled in the coming months.

To give you more insights about the future, we held conversations with the industry giants. Here is what they dispensed us when asked about tech developments and future of smartphones in 2018 -

Tech Developments


Dinesh Sharma, Director, Mobile Product Centre for ASUS India spilled some interesting details regarding the developments that would take over the game in 2018.

He stated, ’The major theme for 2018 seems to be that everything is connected. Collecting it, storing it, securing it, and sharing it. In 2018, more enterprises will use hybrid delivery models and store their workloads across multiple clouds. This model calls for flexible storage that will boost your efficiencies when you place data across public, private, and hybrid clouds. With multi-cloud storage, you can also reduce your risks of data loss or downtime if one of your services fails’.

Dinesh also told us about green shoots on consumer IoT. He commented, ‘We might finally see the implication of Consumer IoT. At CES 2017, manufacturers were tripping over themselves to show Consumer IoT esp. smart home devices that work with Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant. Google Home. In 2018, smart fridges, speakers, and security cameras will follow the lead and build compatibility products’.


And finally, the discussion ended on AI. On that Dinesh added, ‘If you've used voice-command or facial recognition technology, you're in the AI world. There are many speculations on the impact of AI from automation to privacy. There will certainly be the major change in every industry. However, this is no cause for alarm but instead a call to prepare, educate and adjust’.

David Chang, Global Sales Director, Gionee also shared how he and his team plan to accommodate AI in their technology at Gionee. To this, he remarked, ‘At Gionee we are convinced that Technology is the key to stay relevant to today’s date and time and we are consistently working towards sharpening our competitive edge. We have always maintained our strategy of independent R&D and innovation since the time of our inception. With that in the background, AI is a trend that is inevitable and the way we are winning the best-in-breed cameras and full-view display trends at present, one can definitely expect a ground-breaking AI enabled

smartphone series from Gionee in the near future’.

Future of Smartphones


Now comes the turn of everyone’ favourite topic - smartphones. Let’s know what the year has in hold for you guys in the arena of smartphones.

While talking about smartphones David said, ‘Smartphones will be the key focus area for a series of technological developments in 2018. These developments will range from augmented reality, in-flight connectivity and high broadband. However, the major development will be seen in some of the key mobile features such as camera, display-screen fingerprint scanning and battery'.

Dinesh too had a similar viewpoint on the future of smartphones. He stated, ‘Smartphones are going to become even smarter in 2018. Even more cameras, new ways of authentication like 3D facial scanning and more powerful processors can be expected in 2018. A large screen-to-body ratio and also smaller bezel are usually a feature the smartphone manufacturers are longing to achieve. And now, it is no longer just imagination. More and more smartphone will follow the lead, we might see the innovation introduced in more price segments. And face recognition will be the new "must-have" feature – We can expect to see more phones implement this technology’.

There is no second thought that 2018 will be a thrilling year. So, let's step forward and experience what tech innovations and developments take place in 2018.

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