Technology Makeover for Rajkot Auto Manufacturing

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In the continuing series of Redefining Auto Manufacturing by HP Inc and Uneecops, PC QUEST has reached Rajkot and organized a business conference to showcase the combined technology of Hardware and Software to help the auto manufacturing industry to accelerate their business growth with the help of technology.

At present Gujarat is the second one largest industrial progressive state throughout the country and inside the State, Saurashtra region which was a separate State before 1960, has carved its own identity by developing small industries to large. Since a decade Rajkot has become one of the biggest international industrial hubs.

The auto-components industry accounts for almost 7% of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs as many as 19 million people. It is believed if auto component makers adopt the right technology and processes, it can easily achieve a growth rate of 26% by 2021.

These statistics are alarming, given the rate at which your global peers are adopting digital technology. Indian SMBs can add $1 trillion by 2020 to the Indian economy alone by going digital. While this is a huge opportunity for the SMBs themselves, the service providers who help the SMBs make the transition are set to gain as well.

This event has been organized for Rajkot Auto manufacturing on December 15, with HP Inc and Uneecops and Rajkot Engineering Association as the associate partner for the event. The event was attended by 90+ Auto manufacturers and comprised of interesting sessions by Uneecops and HP Inc on the combined solution of Hardware and Software for the automobile sector. A lucky draw session also has been conducted which was sponsored by HP Inc with cool backpacks.

Chetan Kela, Zonal Manager—Gujarat, HP Inc opened the event with his keynote speech. He addressed the audience in local Gujarati Language and gave the deep insights of Auto manufacturing vertical, in terms of role, growth and future opportunities in Information Technology in the Automobile sector. He gave brief knowledge about the importance of hardware and software in the current scenario.

In the second session of the event, Uneecops showcased their ERP solutions for the Auto Manufacturing industry. Hiranj Jambudia, Associate Director, Uneecops presented the entire range of ERP software and highlighted the use of the right software and solutions. In his presentation, he explained the how partners can ease their business with using the right software for their business.

HP Inc presented their entire latest commercial laptop and desktop series in the third and final presentation of the event. Radhey Rawat from HP India Sales presented the entire commercial category of Workstation, business laptops and Tablets. He presented HP Pro 8 tablet, HP Elite slice, HP Elite one 800G3, HP 430 G5, and HP 1030 G2 laptops category and briefed the useful specifications as per the uses in business.

Paresh Vasani, President, Rajkot Engg. Association

Tell us about the Rajkot Manufacturing market and the Association

Auto Manufacturing

By foresee industrial needs and to support it there was an entity of 2 industrial organizations separately working but in 1963, they amalgamated and renamed as RAJKOT ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION – REA, which is now biggest and oldest industrial association of this region having more than 1100 unit members.

The MSME entrepreneurs of this region are well known for their engineering acumen, hard work, deep knowledge the concerned product and a never say die attitude. Amidst this, REA started its roll for uplifting the development of manufacturing activities starting from Diesel Engine pump set and as per time bound demand of various industries of all segments.

Going with time, REA used to provide raw material to its members on “No Profit No Loss” basis to boost up small & medium entrepreneurs during the short supply period. Simultaneously for enriching the knowledge of concurrent engineering progress and technical know-how, REA organizes workshops, seminars, and training, buyer sellers meet, etc. periodically.

The foreign delegations from various countries are visiting REA and having interaction with members for bilateral business promotion. REA is having the affiliation with renowned Indian organization like C.I.I., MSME, FICCI, NSIC, CMTI, FASSI, EEPCINDIA, TERI, IIF, IDEMA, DIC, etc. The Directors of the REA are having representation in all State & Central Govt. agencies viz, Customs & Central Excise, Income Tax, VAT, ESIC, EPF, GPCB, BIS, which helps the members for resolving their problems with Govt. offices.

What are the current challenges for Auto Manufacturing industry in Rajkot?

GST is a headache for traders due to higher rates, complicated implementing systems and insufficient infrastructure of Govt. To make G.S.T. successful and easy, we requested the govt. to act immediately.

There are following problems/challenges that traders having.

  1. There is no charge, any interest or penalty at least up to 31.03.2018 & until Govt. infrastructure is ready. Wherever late fee has been charged please refund it immediately.
  2. Allow 20 days for payment of GST ( by cheque, cash or net Banking) from the end of the Month.
  3. Allow 45 days for the filing of GSTR 1 Return from the end of the month.
  4. Make quarterly return for all. (whatever may be the turnover of traders smaller or bigger).
  5. Provide facility to revise returns. It is a must.
  6. Make GST rate 18% single & common for all types of commodities & services and abolish slab of 28% rate. 28% rate attracts tax theft.
  7. Govt, do not punish buyer if a seller is not filing his return. The responsibility of mismatching of return 2A & 2 must not be on traders but it must be on your Govt. portal to catch such mischievous traders and punish them. Allow all credit to traders who file his return in time. Responsibilities of matching 2A & 2 on traders have created havoc in trade at large. If a dealer purchases goods from a registered dealer and that particular dealer do not pay tax, the disallowing of input credit to the purchaser is totally unjust and harsh. This rule should be abolished.
  8. Input Tax Credit should be allowed to be used against all types of tax liabilities.
  9. Provide easy & cheaper software to small traders.
  10. Provide cheaper consultants to traders to implement the procedures of GST.
  11. Remove GST on Advance Payment Receipt.
  12. Upgrade your own Web portal which must work 24 hours without any interruption or disturbance and which must be capable of taking too much load at any time.
  13. Provide full speed of internet in each & every village of India.
  14. Remove system of HSN & SAC code.
  15. Remove the system of State-wise registration whose business is in each and every state. But give some alternative system of single registration only. Say head office only.

Sponsors Feedback:

Chetan Kela, Zonal Manager—Gujarat, HP Inc

Chetan Kela Auto Manufacturing

We have a successful event today in Rajkot. The partners and customers understood and gave a unique feedback about the importance of the complete package of Hardware and Software and they also understood how it will be beneficial. We are hoping that HP Inc will fulfil their needs and requirements.

Hirenj Jambudia, Associate Director, Uneecops


It was a fantastic event today and the objective of the event was to help our customers with the combined offerings of the right software and hardware and we have achieved that objective. We have given a strong message to our customers that they can get the hardware and software need under one umbrella.

Attendees Feedback

Harish N Auto Manufacturing

Harish N Sheth Director, CAN-CAN INDUSTRIES

What is your feedback about this conference?

We are the diesel engine components manufacturers. We have customers like Kirloskar Oil Engines, Pune, Mahindra & Mahindra Mumbai and all Rajkot diesel engine forecast companies. It was an excellent program. The Software session was really insightful and useful for our business. We understood that by using the right software how can we gear up our business in terms of turnovers.

On the HP side, we have seen these latest commercial categories first time in our life. The combined solution will help traders for good business. What is the role of technology in Rajkot? In Rajkot, we are very strong by our nature in Business. If you say to make a replica of Rolex Watch we can easily do. But we are little unaware of the use of technology. We need the support in terms of technical support and we are ready to adopt the latest technology.

S.K Joshi, VP, Fishfa Rubbers Limited

S K Joshi Auto-Manufacturing

We are one of the largest rubber manufacturers in Rajkot. We never knew that this kind of conference can uplift our business via tech solutions. I cancelled one of the customer visits also just to participate in this event. We are using the SAP from past 5 years but after coming to this event, I got to know about other solutions too I was not aware.

In the presentation of Uneecops, Jambudia told that there are thousands of reports are coming our but we are not using but now I will focus on my EDP and daily reports using the right software. I am really thankful to PC QUEST team to organizing such kind of event.

Naranbhai K Korat, Director, AP Gears

Naran Bhai K Auto-Manufacturing

We really like the event so much. Both the sponsors, HP Inc and Uneecops has presented their solution so nicely and we were able to understand their solutions deeply.


We have seen that the reception of advances that are particular to the Auto business is high in the Rajkot Auto Manufacturing industry. With regards to IT-based advances, the industry, despite the fact that not disinclined to selection, is genuinely subject to local software and hardware vendors to meet their prerequisites. There is an enormous growth for the industry to be more open to the utilization of the combination of Hardware and Software.

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