“The Integrati on with Blue Coat is now complete”

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In an interaction with PC Quest Gaurav Agarwal, Managing Director, India & SAARC, Symantec shares info about its portfolio and solutions.

In terms of an update on what can you share about Symantec?
From operation perspective this is the first year that Symantec and blue coat is running together.Symantec was very focused in the end point side. And blue coat was very focused in on the network side. We are in two separate level consumers in separate league and enterprise on separately. My charge predominantly in India is to run enterprise business which is globally stable.
How was year 2k17 for Symantec business?
We had a great of 2k17. As we have achieved a good financial stand. Now the integration is complete and we have different channels, distributors, Integrators in the market. There are five separate leadership partner quadrant other than the managed security service which we have started to focus now. We have leadership in India from our product perspective whether it is DLP, Endpoint, proxy and CASB (Cloud access Security broker). I thing we will be the largest in the country in all these four product line which I have mentioned.
What is so special about your MSS?
MSS is predominantly a real offering. We have tied up with Airtel and whatever we have sold till now is either to SI’s but MSS is one which gets complete with SI’s only. So it’s the managed security service offering which competes with the company’s like IBM and the big consultant organization etc. We have our partner’s leaders at a global offering level and we are one of the strongest in that space. We give lot of focus in India as well in the same area. 98% of our
revenue in India is from channels. So we are channels first unless there is a big reason to go direc. Because some contractual issues our model is all channel even the MSS side we have signed deal with Airtel so all our deals with India will be for MSS via Airtel
relationship itself.
What are the verticals Symantec has covered till
The way Symantec business is organized, we have 3 vertical to run the business. One is our large account. We have around 110 accounts; we call them as our large accounts through the country. Other is government and we have separate focus on the government side of thing, third is everything else which is in the mid market business. In that 110 accounts most of the large banks falls into that category, most of the ITES falls into that category, some large manufacturing category falling in that category but predominantly it is the large telecom players, large banks, and large ITES, and the big groups.

In terms of the cloud portfolio what would be the
sort of proportion on-prem?
Depend on industry the Banking is very much onprem. Others are government and telecom. But in the midmarket space and the manufacturing space you see still lots of acceptance of cloud and from our portfolio perspective we have very strong on-prem with very strong cloud portfolio. We can generally help clients through the journey to on-prem to cloud. If you want email protection we have a solution for that. If you go to office 365 when you move from onprem email to a cloud email we have a solution which helps you to take from email security to cloud email security. We have on-prem proxy than solution then we have website security and third the CASB (Cloud access Security broker) which is one of the heart

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