Top 5 “Free Low Spec Competitive FPS Games” With Esports Scope

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When talking about competitive gaming, games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, etc come to mind. However, there are games that have a lot of scope if you want to make a career in esports. These fps games are highly competitive and can be a good push for into the competitive scene. The listed games can run on low-end PCs and still help you reach the esports level if you keep grinding.


Overwatch is an online team-based game generally played as a first-person shooter. The game features several game modes principally designed around squad-based combat with two opposing teams of six players each. You can select one of over two dozen pre-made hero characters from one of three class types. This game has agents and abilities similar to that of Valorant. This is a fast-paced fps game. You can move while shooting with full accuracy. Overwatch has a lot of vertical and horizontal aiming.
A good aim is very important in this game compared to the other games on the list. Besides having a godlike aim, you also need to have the game sense. Without game sense, you won’t be able to stick around in this game for long. Overwatch esports offers something for everyone. Wide-ranging tournament series that challenge players of every skill level, high-intensity games cast by top announcers and talented teams from all over the globe. Pc players of any skill level can participate in the Overwatch open division by choosing to play in Korea, China, Australia, South America, North America, Europe or the Pacific region.


Team Fortress 2 has the lowest scope in the esports scene among all. However, it’s fine the game has a low level of skill ceiling compared to the other games in the list meaning that it’s the easiest fps game to master in the list. It’s rich, gorgeous and endlessly fun. The action is fast-paced and furious. The game’s presentation is hilarious and exciting. The gameplay is very easily approachable. Experiment with a few classes or stick with one but do anything to get your hands on The Fortress 2. It’ll be an online experience you won’t forget. This game too has agents similar to that of Valorant, and it’s developed by the same company that made Counter-Strike.


This game does require a good pc but still, it’s playable on a low-end pc with some settings. Quake Champions is a fast-paced skill-based style fps so it may not be for everyone but for anyone looking for addictive gameplay and something to send your adrenaline rushing, this is definitely for you. As competitive as it gets, this game is a great sequel to Quake 3 Arena. Great visuals and a nice addition of new mechanics on top of a classic arena shooter. This is a must-play for all the fps action fans. It’s the addictive vocabulary of movement that makes Quake Champions so deliciously complex. The skill ceiling is plenty high. You have to keep character class, movement speed and movement abilities in mind while playing this game.


Valorant is one of those Counter-Strike type of games but playing a group of preset characters with their unique abilities. Valorant is pretty solid in terms of gunplay and balanced abilities. The abilities are the only new aspect of the game which are mostly loved by Overwatch players. Valorant brings very crafted gameplay with the close similar shooting mechanic to CSGO whilst adding more technical ability which is considered to be an advanced version of utility in the round. The professional Valorant esports scene is about to get a lot more structured in the near future, and it is a good idea to start grinding in this game.


This is a game that never dies. Counter-Strike has one of the largest fan-based communities backing it up. CS: GO is the fourth instalment of the Counter-Strike series and is widely considered to be the best iteration of the game till now. The game was released back in August 2012 and has seen innumerable highly skilled players ever since. Even today, it has one of the largest user bases in the world and is constantly streamed and watched. The first Counter-Strike game which had a simple concept, no cheats and an incessantly high skill ceiling that most gamers couldn’t keep up with. The game quickly became a global phenomenon and was played by gamers from across the world. It has the highest skill ceiling among all the mentioned fps game in the list meaning that its mechanics and gameplay is the hardest to master.

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