Try Out These 5 Battle Royale Games to Get You Through the Lockdown

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We are already in the lockdown 5.0 and everyone wants a way to kill time and there are only so many shows you can stream on Netflix and Youtube videos you can watch. Yes, reading is great but why not get the gamer in you out and get your K/D up. With the genre of Mobile Battle royale games rising there is no reason for you to not participate as well and get through those sleepless nights.

Here is a list of the best Battle Royale mobile games that will cure your gamer itch in this lockdown:


1. Players Unknown Battle Ground Mobile / PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Battle RoyaleSushant Singh | Pcquest

From the day of its launch, this battle royal game has dominated the charts of AppStore and Google Playstore. Designed and developed by Tencent PUBG Mobile brought the genre of FPS battle royale for the first time on a mobile platform. The reason for its popularity is the fact that you can play this game with your friends. You team up and drop in the map of your choice and kill the other players to win that chicken dinner. Over time Tencent has improved the game with timely updates and has listened to the players. You can drop in maps which have different terrains and it’s up to you to design your strategy to win. From the nuclear wasteland of Erangel to the jungles of Sanhok PUBG has it all. The game is free to play but if you want you can also get the royal pass for every season.

2. Call of Duty Mobile

call-of-duty-mobile Battle RoyaleSushant Singh | Pcquest

A classic PC game brought to on a mobile platform Call of duty has everything from battle royal to 5v5 team deathmatches. In the multiplayer mode, you can choose your loadout and jump in a map with your squad which is inspired by the world of Call of Duty PC and shoots your shot. The maps range from being on some yacht in the middle of the ocean to someone’s backyard in the American suburbs. Be it a team deathmatch or a sniping match you are going to have a ton of fun defending your position and maybe even carrying your teammates to a win. The battle royal mode has only one map right now but new maps and modes are on the way. Where Call of Duty is different from other battle royal games is in the customization options that it offers to you. You can upgrade your weapons with skins and attachments. The more your level rises the more tools you get to play around and defend your team. Even in the battle royal, you can choose the “Class” of your player which will give your player a piece of special equipment in the game.

3. Garena Free Fire

Garena-Free-Fire Battle RoyaleSushant Singh | Pcquest

Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royal for the low-end or older generation mobile devices. The core of the game is very similar to other battle royal games but it’s the optimization for the low-end devices that makes this game so popular. 50 players drop in on a deserted island map and fight to survive. Each game is fast-paced and lasts for about 10 minutes at most. The player avatars here have their own backstories and the more you play with them the more you unlock their backstories. The goal is to kill other players and not to die in the process. Free Fire has been immensely popular in the Indian market and just like PUBG you can add and play with your friends. Since the game was specifically designed to run on low-end devices it will run smoothly on most smartphones with even 3 GB of ram.

4. Fortnite

Fortnite Android Battle RoyaleSushant Singh | Pcquest

Fortnite is the most popular sandbox battle royal game in the world right now. When the game came out on android it surprised everyone. Fortnite on Android is smooth and the gameplay is easy to learn for the most part. The building mechanics of the game need a bit of getting used to but overall the game is a great alternative to PUBG Mobile. Fortnite on Android is the same game that you see on PC and other gaming consoles. Nothing has changed in the game. The only con is that it’s not available for all the devices right now but you have a device that can support it then you can get the game from Epic Games website since it’s not on the Google Playstore.

5. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter Battle RoyaleSushant Singh | Pcquest

An offering from the house of Netease Cyber Hunter is a battle royale that will blow your minds away with its graphics and gameplay. You can customize your player avatar from the eye color to the hairstyle. The main attraction of this battle royale is the mechanics of the gameplay itself. You can climb walls like spiderman, slide side to side to dodge bullets, and glide around the map. The cyberpunk aesthetics of the game are really what make it so special. Cyber hunter packs a punch when it comes to its design. Unlike the realism that most of the games mentioned here have gone for Cyber Hunter goes for something fantastical and more anime-like in visuals. That being said the game does take a bit of time to get used to. Cyber Hunter is what I imagine would happen if PUBG and Fortnite decided to fuse but instead of being a Frankenstein, it is a thing of beauty.


So say goodbye to those quarantine blues with these amazing battle royale games. Team-up or play solo it’s up to you. Complete your missions soldier and rise up in the ranks all the way to the top. Strategize and dominate the battlefield with your teammates. Survive cause legends never die.

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