Tweak your Windows 10 Taskbar

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You can pin useful tools to the Taskbar in Win10. We’ll illustrate by showing how to pin computer, recycle bin & other useful shortcuts in a few simple steps

Starting from Windows 7 you can pin your favorite programs to the Taskbar so that you can access them quickly whenever you want. You can pin your favorite shortcuts like Control Panel, My Computer, Recycle Bin, Programs, and Features, etc to Windows Taskbar. Here, we show how to do it in Windows 10.

1. Right-click on Desktop to create a new shortcut and select “New -> Shortcut”.


2. You will see “Create Shortcut” wizard where you’ll need to enter the command to open desired system shortcut. Here are some commands to create the desired shortcut of your choice:
explorer shell:MyComputerFolder (for My Computer shortcut)
explorer shell:RecycleBinFolder (for Recycle Bin shortcut)
explorer shell:ControlPanelFolder (for Control Panel shortcut)
explorer shell:Administrative Tools (for Administrative Tools shortcut)
explorer shell:ChangeRemoveProgramsFolder (for Programs and Features shortcut)
explorer shell:NetworkPlacesFolder (for Network shortcut)
explorer shell:Favorites (for Favorites shortcut)
explorer shell:HomegroupFolder (for Homegroup shortcut)
explorer shell:Games (for Games shortcut)
explorer shell:Fonts (for Fonts shortcut)
explorer shell:UserProfiles (for Users folder shortcut)
explorer shell:Profile (for your username folder shortcut)
explorer shell:Public (for Public folder shortcut)
explorer shell:My Documents (for Documents shortcut)
explorer shell:Common Documents (for Public Documents shortcut)
explorer shell:My Music (for Music folder shortcut)
explorer shell:CommonMusic (for Public Music folder shortcut)
explorer shell:My Pictures (for Pictures folder shortcut)
explorer shell:CommonPictures (for Public Pictures folder shortcut)
explorer shell:My Video (for Videos folder shortcut)
explorer shell:CommonVideo (for Public Videos folder shortcut)
explorer shell:Downloads (for Downloads folder shortcut)
explorer shell:CommonDownloads (for Public Downloads folder shortcut)
explorer shell:::{3080F90E-D7AD-11D9-BD98-0000947B0257} (for Flip 3D or Window Switcher shortcut)


3. After entering the command, click on “Next”. Give some name to your shortcut like Computer and click on “Finish” button. It’ll create a new shortcut on Desktop.

4. Now it’s time to change the new shortcut icon. Right-click on the shortcut and select “Properties”. Click on “Change Icon” button.

5. In the given space write imageres.dll file for selecting new icon as this file contains lots of good looking icons. After selecting the new icon, click on OK and then Apply the changes.


6. Now just drag-n-drop the shortcut to Taskbar or right-click on the shortcut and select “Pin to Taskbar” option.


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