PCQ User’s Choice Awards 2022: Wireless Headset Space is Heavily Dominated by Sony

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With the increasing smartphone adoption and mobile internet consumption, consumer preference for enhanced audio experience has also increased drastically. The rise in technological advancements has increased the affordability of smart audio accessories. Wireless technology has been replacing the need for wired devices. According to Global Market Insights, the Indian headphones market is estimated to attain a CAGR of 15 percent by 2028 due to the rising demand for high-quality product ranges.

Wireless Headset– Brand Affinity Index

Wireless Headset Brand Affinity Index
Ashok Pandey | PCQuest Wireless Headset Brand Affinity Index

Sony has some spectacular audio products which made it a preferred choice for most Indian consumers. Although new players are emerging and gaining popularity, still, you can see the top three spots are captured by Sony, JBL, and Samsung. Compared to others, boAt is fairly new to the audio category, yet won many users. Apple ranked fifth in the list, sharing the spot along with Oppo and Xiaomi.

Wireless Headset – Spontaneous Brand Awareness

Wireless Headset Spontaneous Brand Awareness
Ashok Pandey | PCQuest Wireless Headset Spontaneous Brand Awareness

As we mentioned earlier for quality audio products, consumers prefer Sony, which reflects in our findings for spontaneous awareness. JBL is the next followed by Samsung, boAt, Xiaomi, and Bose. In our last year’s result, Samsung wasn’t in the top five list, Sony was the champion followed by boAt, JBL, Xiaomi, and Bose. the boAt lost its grip a bit this year and Samsung moved up the ranks. It’s evident that consumers who prefer quality stick to Sony and JBL kinds of brands. Consumers looking for affordable products prefer brands like boAt and Xiaomi.

Wireless Headset – Current Usage

Wireless Headset Current Usage
Ashok Pandey | PCQuest Wireless Headset Current Usage

Yes, consumers are preferring quality products with smart pricing and that’s why we can see Samsung and Sony grabbed the top two spots. Xiaomi and boAt are sharing the third spot. Although JBL has good quality products, its ranking dipped, as it comes at a slightly higher price point. Oppo grabbed the fifth spot. Last year, although Sony was on top with the highest score, Samsung managed to appeal to both price and quality-conscious consumers, which made the competition challenging for all other brands.

Wireless Headset – Future Purchase Consideration

5 10
Manisha Sharma | PCQuest 5 10

The future looks bright for JBL and Sony. It seems that Samsung has not been able to impress the users fully. boAt scored higher than Samsung when asked for future preference. In last year’s results, Sony was on top followed by JBL, boAt, Bose, and Philips. This time most respondents preferred JBL to Sony; boAt is still in the third spot, maintaining its hold. Samsung and Apple are new entries this time, which shows the wireless headsets market is not predictable.

Wireless Headset – Overall Brand Satisfaction

6 9
Manisha Sharma | PCQuest 6 9

When users were asked whether they have been happy with their brands, the results were interesting. Sony is still the champion brand with a 99 percent satisfaction score. JBL and Bose shared the second spot followed by Apple. Noise and Oppo shared the fourth spot while for the fifth spot, we had three names – Samsung, boAt, and Xiaomi.

BoAt is fairly new to the audio products, yet made a mark

Wireless Headset – Brand Loyalty

7 10
Manisha Sharma | PCQuest 7 10

Not only satisfied, but wireless headset users are highly loyal to their brands as well. Sony enjoys the highest loyalty. In the second spot, we have a tie between three brands – JBL, Samsung, and Bose. In the third spot, we got Apple and Noise, while the fourth spot was captured by Oppo and boAt, followed by Xiaomi at the fifth spot. In the future, we can get Sony as a winner, but for the first and second runner-ups, we may have some new names.

Wireless Headset – Brand Advocacy

8 10
Manisha Sharma | PCQuest 8 10

Once again Sony became the winner with a 100 percent score for advocacy. Next, it’s Oppo with a 95 percent score closely followed by Noise (94 percent). Apple and JBL are sharing the fourth spot with equal scores. And boAt is in the fifth spot. the boAt will have to work hard as it lost on satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy, which is not a good sign to become a leader in the audio segment as they claim to be.

Wireless Headset – Reasons for using current Brands

9 9
Manisha Sharma | PCQuest 9 9

Sony has a great brand value and after-sales support/service. JBL is considered for its quality of product and after-sales support/service. Samsung attracted consumers for its price point and after-sales support/service. boAt captured the market with its smart pricing and Apple for its brand value.

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