“We Work Hand In Hand With Our Partners And Try To Give Them The Best Possible Solutions”James Hilton, Zebra Technologies

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James Hilton, Global Principal – Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Zebra Technologies outlines the company’s solutions focusing on the Indian market

What would be your advice to the Indian CIOs?

It is really interesting to advise the CIOs, the first advice would be exercise and regular exercise at least once every year. In such exercises, we explore 1000 to 2000sC level executives and we call it Vision study. In such vision studies, one thing is that when the Asia Pacific specific region is moving towards IOTs then it becomes more helpful in achieving consistent quality output in more attainable and affordable than ever before thanks to advancements in technology and automation.

If we talk about the geographical reach, where do you think your company stands?

Any geography you can think that but it’s interesting to see that the most advanced industrial countries and the most technologically advanced markets then there is going to be those interesting ranges. I attend a lot of advisory councils in the idea of industrial IOT manufacturing 4.0 but in any company leadership is the first thing and it is important to know where we are as a manufacturer and where we want to be as a manufacture We are working on many solutions to give priorities to the areas that are lagging behind.

What do you think is the Zebra’s key to success?

New processes and technology advancements are enabling companies to focus on quality and reap the rewards that an automated and connected plant floor can deliver an alternate route to growth and profitability. If an operation is completely towards success we still have to use cases of traceability, visibility, compliance and enterprise in the effort to fulfil all the four process that you can trace back, recall your quality and increased visibility but often times that need the step is to determine who you are and where you are trying to be.

How can Zebra help in Manufacturing?

We are into the market to offer solutions but if you look at the edge, the production, the raw material we as manufacturers could see many benefits of having fully connected operations that include the supply chain.

How many SI partners does Zebra have?

It’s 20 who really understand the complex solutions of Zebra Technologies and we work hand in hand with those partners and try to give them the best possible solutions.

What is your GTM for India specific market based on the geography?

In each geography, we try to build solutions for Indian costumes. So we can say that few solutions are designed according to the costumer’s needs. We look for local, regional and the entire ecosystem, the capable partners where we can work on management. Our customized ecosystem of enterprise solutions allows the organization to reach new levels of performance from the front lines.

We make sure the best projects are where the customers know to get help with the solutions. There is partner ecosystem and they know that our purpose is to make checkpoints that will ensure a higher quality of goods produced and reduce the costs associated with recovery.

Which are the sub-verticals Zebra focuses on?

If you take manufacturing with logistics and the best transportation that it is 23 different industries. In manufacturing the real-time assets management and quality control of goods as they move through the production process it becomes more important to track the assets. There is always some landscape in high manufacturing and if the first one is to determine and then to make sure the process when it produces a batch which generally identical pieces.

Therefore they go with a similar assembly process before coming out into a final finished product and that is how we work into segments.

What are the verticals in which Zebra has succeeded to make its presence?

In India, there are 23 segments. We follow verticals like automobiles, pharmaceuticals and other consumer durables. 7 to 8 out of 10 consumers uses Zebra’s solutions now we are trying to explore for solutions in energy, oil and gas sector with the best technological adoptions.

What is the contribution in terms of GDP?

The GDP is 7.8% approx almost much more than China. While India’s contribution in the APAC region is 13-15% and India’s contribution is increasing. You would be glad to know that India is among the top 5 countries.

What are your initiatives to increase the awareness about the brand in the market?

Overall if you look at the manufacturing and logistics sector our solutions are increasing but increasing as compared to bigger brands like HP and DELL. IBM and Microsoft are already into consumers environment they have already made their roots and we are trying to transforming the manufacturing sector.

We are doing our best to increase awareness about the brand among the consumers. We conduct many conferences, events and road shows to reach out to the maximum consumers. We did a lot of investments, and this will be continuing and as soon as we achieve it you will see Zebra coming out.

Authored By: Divya Bishi

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