Xiaomi Amazes at CES 2017 with Mi TV 4: Modular Smart TV Thinner Than iPhone 7+

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Xiaomi clearly hates bezels and made it clear with the launch of the bezel-less Mi Mix later in 2016. At CES 2017, the Chinese electronics giant has stretched its innovative wings out far by introducing a futuristic modular TV, a concept which was displayed by Samsung at the last year’s CES event. A year old, why is the concept still futuristic? Continue reading to fall in love with it more.

xiaomi mi tv 4 modular smart tvFrom its appearance, the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 appears to be a regular LED TV with remarkable thickness – it is 4.9 mm thin (calling it thick makes me cringe). It is even thinner than the iPhone 7 and 7+. THIRTY PERCENT THINNER!  The display is available in 4K resolution at 49, 55 and 65-inch models. These also sport a unique transparent stand to give the Mi TV 4 a striking appearance. But this is not even the most alluring feature of the Mi TV 4.

The 65-inh model receives a unique prospect of being a commercial modular TV, a combination of the Mi TV Bar – which is the motherboard of the TV – and a standalone 4K LED display with seemingly no bezels. This modular TV design benefits in upgrading the motherboard of the unit without necessitating the replacement of the 4K display as well. The Mi bar can be replaced without having to bear the entire cost of a freshly baked television.

xiaomi mi tv 4 modular smart tv

Xiaomi claims 80 percent of the TV’s volume being utilized by the display itself with its nearly frameless design. The Mi Bar connects to the display using a single cable. Although we would have loved a hot swappable design, the Mi TV 4 is shielded away from any complaints given the amount of innovation it has pitched into the TV of the future.

xiaomi mi tv 4 modular smart tvMIUI Forum

The Mi Bar features all the necessary ports for wired connectivity including USB 3.0, HDMI and network ports, but the Mi TV 4 is wifi-ready and can connect directly without the hassles of wires. The Mi TV bar has integrated in it ten (yes, TEN) speakers and a sub-woofer, while two additional rear wireless satellite speakers for a surround sound are bundled along. Mi TV 4 receives a strengthy sound quality from the Dolby Atmos technology at its heart which is believed to liven up a profound sound experience while viewing the TV.

xiaomi mi tv 4 modular smart tv

Another highlight of the features include Artificial Intelligence, based on Android operating system. The Smart TV analyses user’s preferences and suggests content for consumption on the basis of user’s liking. The metadata processed by Mi TV 4 provides a ceaseless catalogue of recommendations for Movies, music and TV shows.

The Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Smart TV will be available commercially later this year, starting initial shipments within mainland China, at $2000 for the top-end modular variant. Model without Dolby Atmos will be available for $1500. China hasn’t declared when will it reach international markets, especially India, but we are optimistic that Xiaomi will Make in India, resulting in affordable pricing.

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