10 best games like PUBG

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PUBG is one of the most popular games, even when you compare it to a lot of multiplayer PC or console titles. Many of us have spent thousands of hours in the game, but sometimes, game fatigue sets in and we might want to find a new game that will scratch our itch for online competitive play.

Look no further than this article where we list down some of the best games like PUBG: 

Rules of Survival 

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival was one of the first BR games to come to mobile. It came before PUBGM was a thing, and later even expanded to other platforms like Windows and Mac OS. It is similar to PUBG in many aspects but is more newbie friendly and colourful. The biggest difference is the number of players that can jump into a single match. While normal matches have 120 players, there are special modes with up to 300 players. 

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Free Fire 

Free Fire

This game is taking on PUBGM in the mobile esports market. Free Fire is perhaps more popular than PUBG mobile in South America and is catching up with the game within India. It is appealing even to casual gamers since most of the matches last only about 10 minutes unlike matches in PUBG which might take around 45 minutes. 

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Call of Duty: Mobile 

CoD Mobile

This is another game which is also a big threat to PUBG Mobile. Other than Battle Royale, it offers classic CoD modes with classic maps and can also be played on PC via an emulator. Not only that, but CoD Mobile also now has controller support. It might be taking on PUBGM in terms of downloads, but for now, it doesn’t have an esports scene. 

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Pixel’s Unknown BattleGrounds 

Pixel's Unknown BattleGrounds

I believe that the developers could have found a better name for the game, but it is one of the best PUBG clones out there. Pixel’s Unknown BattleGrounds is what you get when you cross PUBG with Minecraft. Is it’s a quirky game, but it is a lot of fun. 

Fortnite Mobile 

Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite on Mobile hasn’t had as much success as Fortnite on PC, but it is still a great game. In this you not only have to be good at shooting, but you also need to be good at building. This perhaps the highest skillcap Battle Royale game on Mobile. 

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Knives Out 

Knives out

Knives Out is another PUBG clone. The game plays and handles quite similarly to PUBG Mobile, but it has more terrain types and reportedly, better servers. The game’s aesthetics are also quite futuristic. 

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Apex Legends 

Apex Legends

This is perhaps the best performing Battle Royale game on PC right now. Apex Legends mixes fast paced action with characters which have special abilities and is a complete treat to play. If you have a PC, this game is worth checking out. 

Call of Duty: Blackout 


Blackout is, in true CoD fashion, full of action. The action starts as soon as you drop onto the map. The gunplay is more on the arcade side and you can even find certain perks or power ups in the loot. A small map means action is frequent and easier to find. Oh, and it also has zombies. Just like Apex Legends, Blackout is available on PC and consoles. 



This is a Battle Royale unlike any other. It does not have guns. It has magic. It is a battle Royale where you use spells to defeat your opponent. The game is currently in a closed beta right now and is only available for PC. You can sign up for the second round of their closed beta on their website. 

Ring of Elysium 

Ring of Elysium

Another free to play title available only for PC. Players can use extreme sports equipment like paragliders and ziplines. The players are put in a map which is going through an apocalyptic event and must reach designated point to get extracted by a helicopter, which can only carry a maximum of four people. The game is rich with lore and is a nice change of pace in the Battle Royale genre. 

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