The Best Steam Autumn Sale deals

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The Steam Autumn Sale is finally here. Whenever there is a sale on Steam, you can be sure that there would be some steep discounts on some amazing games. Here is our list of the best deals we found for the Steam Autumn Sale: 

Ni No Kuni II 

Ni No Kuni II has been touted as one of the best Japanese RPGs in recent times. It takes the same spirit and Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch but still manages to keep things fresh. It has got the grand plot JRPGs are known for but it differs from its predecessor in terms of combat. Instead of turn based, it is real time. If you are a fan of anime, the game’s anime-esque visuals will tantalise you. It is 66% off right now on Steam. 

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt 

Where do I begin with this game? For me, this is the greatest game EVER made. It has two DLCs, both of which are completely mind blowing and memorable with each having enough content to be its own game. Stunning visuals, storytelling, side quests, memorable characters, this game has it all. 

Divinity: Original Sin II 

D:OS II has been ranked on PC Gamer as the greatest RPG ever made. I can’t say if I disagree with them since I haven’t played it… yet. I bought it this summer sale, along with its prequel. I finished the prequel, and while I am not a fan of turn based combat, I loved the game. So my expectations are pretty high from this game. Another reason for that is also the fact that D:OS II brought back the D&D style genre of RPG games. Their developers, Larian Studios, also got the go-ahead to make Baldur’s Gate III from the company that currently holds the rights to Dungeons and Dragons, The Wizards of the Coast. Another great thing is that you can either play this game solo or with up to 4 friends in a co-op mode. Also, you can kill the quest givers, so there’s that. It is 45% off on steam right now. 


If you are looking for mindless killing, DOOM is your game. If you love gore, blood, flying limbs and heavy metal, DOOM definitely is your game. The reboot of the classic series received an overwhelmingly positive response. This is the first time the game has seen such a massive price drop. Currently, it is 70% off on steam. 

Dark Souls III 

It would be an understatement that Dark Souls revolutionized the hack and slash genre. A whole new genre of video games is named after the game, the Souls-like genre. Dark Souls III is 70% off on steam right now, but considering it was already an expensive game to begin with, it crosses the Rs 1000 mark even after a heavy discount. The other two DS games have lower discounts but are much cheaper. 

HellBlade: Senua’s Sacrifice 

This game takes a deep dive into the mental illness of the protagonist. This was the first time a video game explored mental illness so deeply and poignantly, and for this, it received a BAFTA award. It is 66% off right now and costs a mere Rs 250. 

Gears 5 

It was surprising to see the game have a 50% discount since it was released only in September. The game received a mixed response, but it is still worth a shot. I would only recommend buying it from Steam right now if you want to keep the game for a lifetime. Otherwise, just grab the Xbox Ultimate Pass for 3 months for Rs 50, and you will have access to Gears 5 as long as you keep the subscription. Keep in mind that it is only an introductory offer. 

Resident Evil: 2 Remake 

Resident Evil 2 was one of the best games of 2018. It revisits the classic and is now scary in HD with modern graphics. Which means it is even scarier. At 67% off this Steam Autumn Sale, it is the cheapest it has ever been. 

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