GTA 6 Map Could be Two Times Bigger than GTA 5-Explore 7 Cities

Now, recently a post on twitter has started new rumors around the presence of 7 cities in GTA 6 map and the map is expected to provide the players with 70% enterable buildings.

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GTA 6 Map is Going to be 2X the Size of GTA 5

GTA 6 Map Could be 2X the Size of GTA 5 Map

According to a recent post on Twitter by GTA 6 Countdown “The GTA 6 map has supposedly been found on the back of Jason and Lucia’s car as a sticker that’s similar to the shape of Florida. It’s rumored to be 2x the size of GTAV’s map with 7 cities and 70% enterable buildings.” Anticipation regarding the map that is going to be featured in the upcoming game GTA 6 from the popular GTA Series has sparked excitement and created enough room for discussion on search engines and social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.


GTA 6 Map Leaks

The first official trailer for GTA 6 confirmed that the game would take the players back to the neon-soaked streets of Vice City, and along with this the other confirmed location was Port Gellhorn. Earlier leaks on Twitter on  GTA 6 map revealed that GTA 6 will feature more than 100 locations for the players to explore and if this stands true, then GTA 6 is going to be the most immersive open world game ever created by any gaming company. Now, recently a post on twitter has started new rumors around the presence of 7 cities in GTA 6 map and the map is expected to provide the players with 70% enterable buildings. This information is based on a rumor that revealed that the sticker behind Jason and Lucia’s car (two main protagonists of the game) showcases a map which is similar in shape to the map of Florida. This map is rumored to have 7 cities and 70% enterable buildings to explore in the upcoming game GTA 6. GTA 5 had only 47 enterable buildings in the game and that was actually quite a low number for a player who would love to explore each and every corner of the map. According to the recent leaks on GTA 6 map, 70% of the buildings in GTA 6 would be enterable and this would give the game an upper hand over GTA 5, which is till now the most popular game in the GTA series of games.

Here is a link to the GTA 6 Mapping Project Progress, which is posted by Rockstar Universe on Twitter- VIMAP ( GTA 6 Mapping Project also reveals that GTA 6 Map is going to the biggest map in the overall GTA Series of games.


Is GTA 6 going to be the Last Game in the Grand Theft Auto Series?

GTA 6 leaks have been creating a lot of buzz in the gaming community and the fans are always looking forward to leaks surrounding the anticipated features of the game. GTA 6 will definitely bring a mixed bag of emotions for the fans, as some leaks surrounding the release of the game on Facebook reveal that GTA 6 is going to be the last game in the popular Grand Theft Auto Series. GTA 6 gamers has posted on Facebook that “GTA 6 could be the last game in the series we experience in our lifetime, according to Rockstar developer.” GTA 6 in this case will bring lot of nostalgic reactions from the GTA series fans for whom it would be hard to accept the end of Grand Theft Auto era in action -adventure genre for gaming.

GTA 6 Leaks


GTA 6 is definitely the most awaited upcoming game in the action-adventure genre for open world games, and there is no official confirmation on leaks surrounding the game. Stories around the release of GTA 6 trailer 2, GTA 6 expected map and GTA 6 actual release date are all over the web, but the actual story will unfold, only after the official release of the game.

Presence of two protagonists Jason and Lucia, in the game GTA 6 will make its gameplay different from other games in the GTA Series. GTA 6 is definitely coming with new advanced physics for the vehicles, new vehicles, new protagonists and an exciting big, new map, and all these will work together in harmony to make the gameplay immersive and interesting.

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