Free Fire MAX Online Play- Play Free Fire MAX On Android

Gamers who play games on their mobile are certainly aware of the popularity of Free Fire MAX as it is one of the most popular games available on Play Store

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How to Play Garena Free Fire MAX Online

Free Fire MAX Online Play

Gamers who play games on their mobile are certainly aware of the popularity of Free Fire MAX as it is one of the most popular games available on Play Store. If you have a constraint for space on your mobile then you would definitely not like to download a game like “Free Fire MAX” which comes with a hefty file size. What can you do in such a situation? The solution is that you can play this fun and exciting game on your Android Device without any kind of download.


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Free Fire MAX- The Game


Free Fire MAX has been developed by Garena International and it is a very popular ‘Shooter’ game available on play store for Android devices. Free Fire Max is an improved version of the very popular ‘Free Fire’ game, and it comes with improved graphics and exciting gameplay. Garena Free Fire MAX comes with high- specs and immersive gaming experience for mobile game players. The game involves fifty shooters who have been thrown on an isolated island and have to struggle hard to stay alive for as long as they can. The player can use guns, grenades and different armour in this exciting game in order to be designated as the ‘last man alive’.

The latest update in Free Fire MAX allows you to 'Unlock Characters using gold' and this helps you in unlocking max. skill power. Skills are the most iconic and enjoyable features of Free Fire Max game, and the players can enjoy customizing skills on their characters with the help of various combinations they can try while playing the game.

What is New in Free Fire MAX?


Apart from the battle royale fights, Free Fire MAX is known for its excellent gameplay in the form of Craftlands, and Training Grounds. While Training Grounds help you to train, Craftlands allow you to create maps to play on. Free Fire MAX comes with a new map called the 'Alpine' and this map comes with beautiful sceneries like blooming cherry blossom trees. Free Fire MAX comes with refurbished sound effects that make the use of weapons and sports cars more exciting during the game.

How to Play Free Fire MAX without downloading on Your Android Device?

Free Fire MAX can be played on your Android device without downloading with the use of ‘Google Instant Apps Program’. Google Instant Apps Program is a feature that allows a gamer to play certain games from play store in the demo form. The player can try out various games like Call of Duty Mobile, BGMI and many other games as a part of this feature to explore these games and take a call before downloading them finally on his or her Android Device.


Steps for Playing the Free Fire MAX Game Online

  • Open Google Play Store on your Android Device.
  • Search for Free Fire MAX in the Search Bar or Click Free Fire MAX.
  •  Click on the application.
  • You will see two options on the screen: Try now or Install
  • Click on the Try Now option and you will be able to play the demo version of the Free Fire MAX game.

In the demo version the player can play the game for six minutes where as a player you will go against a total of six bots in a small section of the map. If you really like the game then you can download it for free from Google Play Store but if the game does not suit your interest, then you should not go ahead with the complete download as the file size for Free Fire MAX is 716 MB. The game though is exciting and very popular and the full version can only be played after downloading the game on your Android device.


System Requirements for Free Fire MAX:


       OS- Android 4.1 or above


       RAM- 2GB

       Download size- 0.93GB



       OS- OS 11 or Above

       Download Size- 1.7GB

Garena Free Fire MAX is a very popular game and downloading the full game on your Android device will definitely give you a fully- immersive gaming experience. As the file size for the game is large you can try out the demo version before taking a final call to download the game on your mobile device.

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