GTA 6 Gameplay, Weapons, Vehicles, Map, and Characters- Deep Dive

A recent post on Twitter by GTA 6 News explains the marvel of the GTA 6 immersive gameplay “Attention to detail: Unlike GTA V, cops in GTA 6 will seem to be responding to 911 calls about vehicle crashes in the highway. No more hit & runs”.

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GTA 6 Weapons, Vehicles, Map, Gameplay and Characters

GTA 6 Weapons, Vehicles, Map, Gameplay and Characters

A recent post on Twitter by GTA 6 News explains the marvel of the GTA 6 immersive gameplay “Attention to detail: Unlike GTA V, cops in GTA 6 will seem to be responding to 911 calls about vehicle crashes in the highway. No more hit & runs”. So, the fans can expect Rockstar games to fulfill their promise of creating the most immersive game that has ever been made and this definitely increases inquisitiveness about the most anticipated game of the year.


GTA 6 Release Date

As of now what we know about GTA 6 is that it is an action-adventure genre, open world game which will take the players back to the neon-soaked streets of Leonida. GTA 6 is all set to release in the fall of 2025 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S, and Take-Two CEO has confirmed that the game will not be delayed further which is definitely a good piece of news for the fans. After the release of the first official trailer Rockstar Games had confirmed that GTA 6 will release in the first quarter of 2025, but due to some unknown challenges GTA 6 release date window has been shifted and confirmed for the fall of 2025. So, Rockstar Games feels good and confident about the GTA 6 release date for the fall of 2025, and this has created enough excitement in the gaming community.

GTA 6 Gameplay and Characters


“Grand Theft Auto VI heads to the state of Leonida, home to the neon-soaked streets of Vice City and beyond in the biggest, most immersive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series yet.”- Take-Two Interactive. Gameplay mechanism, visual graphics and the story behind the game work together to make it immersive and interesting. Rockstar games has confirmed that GTA 6 will be set in a modern-day Vice City and also the first official trailer confirms that the gameplay will revolve around crime and action. GTA 6 is expected to feature a co-op gameplay unlike other games from the GTA Series, and the two characters involved in the gameplay mechanism would be Jason and Lucia. For, the first time any GTA game will feature a female protagonist, Lucia, and the gameplay would involve the criminal activities of couple along with the backdrop of gameplay elements like drugs, reckless driving and nerve shaking action.  GTA 6 is expected to have AI enabled gameplay, with features like transformation in enemy dynamics, Realistic NPCs, Interactive Gameplay, and a sophisticated AI enabled police. Here is the post from ‘GTA 6 News’ on Twitter that shows the involvement of sophisticated AI techniques for Police in GTA 6.



GTA 6 Vehicles

The first official trailer for GTA 6 revealed several new vehicles in the game GTA 6, and the vehicles belong to various categories like sports and super cars, sedans, compact cars, station wagons, recreational, bicycles, trucks and vans, trailers, trains, boats, planes and blimps, and helicopters. Some of the new vehicles across categories are Pegassi Sports Car, Chevrolet Express-Inspired Shuttle Bus, Boat Trailer, Speed boat, Fanboat, Yacht, Dive Boat, Audi RS7


Here is a List of the Expected New Vehicles in GTA 6

·       Buick Skylark 6th Gen

·       Chevy Impala 10th Gen


·       Chevy Sonic

·       Chrysler 300

·       Infiniti Q45


·       90s/2000s Ford Explorer or Tahoe

·       Dodge Ram 2nd Generation

·       Dodge Ram Dually


·       Dodge Caravan 5th Generation

·       Dodge Challenger FHP etc.

·       Ford Explorer Sport Trac

·       Ford Explorer Police SUV

·       Ford F Series

·       New Flyer Xcelsior

·       69/70 Mercury Cougar

·       1960s Mustang Convertible

·       Swamp Buggy

GTA 6 Weapons

Right now, information is available about five weapons that could feature in GTA 6:

·       Hammer - Wielded by the Unnamed GTA VI Hamlet Woman.

·       Pistol - Shares its design with the gun from Grand Theft Auto V.

·       An unnamed Glock 17/19-based pistol.

·       An Unnamed M1911-based pistol

·       An unnamed AR-15–style rifle.

Here is a Twitter Post by ‘AlphaGames’ that Confirmed Weapons and Trailer 1 for GTA 6 Based on the Leaks

GTA 6 Map

There is no official information on the extent of GTA 6 map, but certain leaks claim that GTA 6 map will be two times the map of GTA 5.  GTA 6 map is expected to show diverse landscapes like Everglades Swamps, Florida Key Islands, and some part of the Gulf Coast. The map for GTA 6 is also expected to feature surrounding states, and this includes Georgia as the main location. Also, some of the iconic locations from GTA Vice City are going to see their return in GTA 6 and a few of these locations are:

·       Malibu Club

·       Ocean View Hotel and the iconic yellow Oceanic car

·       Ocean Drive

·       Little Haiti (neighborhood)

·       Leaf Links (golf course)

·       Ocean Beach, Washington Beach & South Beach

·       Viceport

·       Escobar International Airport

GTA 6 has gained immense popularity even before its release and is definitely the most anticipated game in the upcoming games category. GTA 6 is being positioned as one of the most immersive games ever created and as per Rockstar Games the game promises to deliver an experience no one has ever seen before.