ARK: Survival Evolved APK Download-Play on Android for Free

ARK: Survival Evolved is an ultimate adventure game with stunning graphics and an immersive gameplay. The game can be played with its full features on your Android device and PC with ease.

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ARK: Survival Evolved APK

ARK: Survival Evolved is a game from the action-adventure genre, and was published by the gaming company Studio Wildcard in the year 2015. The game can be played with its full features and graphics on various platforms like Steam, PS4, Android and Xbox One. ARK Survival Evolved APK can be downloaded with ease on your device and the game can be played on your phone and PC with its full features and graphics. The game comes with stunning visuals and immersive graphics and the adventure involved in the gameplay makes the game highly interesting for the players who love to play games from the action-adventure genre of games.


ARK: Survival Evolved Storyline

Imagine yourself being stranded naked, freezing, starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ‘ARK’. You are left with no other option but to use your strategic skills to kill, tame, or ride the primeval creatures and the leviathan dinosaurs to survive on the island. The players can hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies and build shelters to protect themselves from the various elements in the game ARK: Survivor Evolved.

Gameplay Features of the Game ARK: Survival Evolved APK


Train, Breed and Tame Dinosaurs to Survive in the Dangerous Island ARK

You can use the capture and affinity process to tame more than 100 creatures in the game ARK: Survival Evolved. This technique involves first weakening a creature and then helping it to get back its health, and this ultimately helps you to tame the animal. So, now you can work towards issuing commands to the tamed animals, and this actually depends on the way you have trained your tamed animal. The animals that you have tamed can continue to level-up and will also consume food. These tamed animals can be used to carry inventory like armour, carry your prey back to your settlement, and all this depends on the strength of the animal being used for the job. The game gives the players an opportunity to fly a pterodactyl, race with the raptors through the jungle, and to hunt for their prey by riding on the back of a T-Rex. Your dominance and survival in the game ARK: Survival Evolved depends on your strategic thinking skills.

Hunt and Eat to Survive in the Game


To play the game you need to eat, as this will raise your energy levels in the game. You cannot survive in the game without food and water, and ensuring a satisfactory supply of fresh drinking water at home and during travel is not an easy task in the game. The more inventory weight you carry, slower you are and on top of that random changes in weather coupled with the day/night cycle make your job even more difficult. You need to be a skilled craftsman to build a shelter and also craft clothes and other necessary items to survive against all odds in the game. You can achieve this task by using wood from the forest and by mining metals that will help you to build massive structures and buildings in the game. You can even customize your buildings according to your choice and these buildings will provide you shelter from the extreme climatic variations in the game.

Learn to Grow Crops and Get Engaged in Farming Activities

You can gather seeds from the wild vegetation, plant them in plots and irrigate and look after them, so that they produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetable for you. You can also become an expert cook by using these different fruits and vegetables to make delicious recipes and useful tonics for you in the game ARK: Survival Evolved.


Create Your Own Tribe

Be a leader in the game and create your own tribe. You can distribute important items and use pass-codes to provide access to your shared village.

Play the Multi-Player Version of the Game


You can play the game ARK: Survival Evolved as a single player version or as a multiplayer version. The multiplayer version is more fun to play, as it lets you join hundred other players that are playing simultaneously from all across the world. You can either join a clan or help other players in the game with your main focus on the protection of your home, resources, and weapons. The adventure does not stop when you are offline, so you need to find a shelter or safe hiding place for sleeping or storing your important resources, as you might lose what all you have if you are not in a safe place.

Steps to Download ARK: Survival Evolved APK

·       Go to the webpage and click on the green button for ‘Free APK Download for Android’- Download ARK: Survival Evolved APK for Android for Free.


·       Once you are through with the download process, go to the ‘File Manager’ on your Android device, and open the folder to locate the downloaded file on your device.

·       In order to enable the installation of the game ARK: Survival Evolved on your Android device Go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources>Allow Installation of Apps from sources other than Play Store.

·       Now you need to open the downloaded file, and from there extract the downloaded OBB file to your Android OBB folder. You can create a new OBB folder on your device if you don’t have one yet.


·       Now, move on to ‘Install’ the ARK: Survival evolved APK file on your device.

·       Once you are done with the installation process, you can click on the game icon to play it on your device.

   Check the System Requirements to Play ARK: Survival Evolved on Your Android Device

·       Android Version- 7.0 or Above

·       RAM- At Least 3 GB

·       Storage- 3 GB

·       CPU- 4-Core

 ARK: Survival Evolved APK Download for PC

ARK: Survival Evolved can be played on your PC also with the Steam Gaming platform. Here you can find the best deals for ARK Survival Evolved APK Download for PC. The website offers you a Steam Key for the game ARK: Survival Evolved for PC for $2.94 only. This key can be activated by using your Steam account and you can play the game on your PC with its full graphics and features.


Can I play ARK: Survival Evolved on PC also?

Yes, ARK Survival Evolved can be played on your PC also with the Steam Gaming platform.

What is the File Size of the Game ARK; Survival Evolved for Android?

ARK: Survival evolved APK+OBB file size is 2.20 GB, so at least 3.0 GB of space is needed on your Android device to run the game on your phone in a smooth manner.

ARK: Survival Evolved is an ultimate adventure game with stunning graphics and an immersive gameplay. The game can be played with its full features on your Android device and PC with ease.

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