Fight Choking Air with Panasonic F-PXM35A Air Purifier: Review

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Price: ₹ 20,995 - 21,995

Key Specs

    Two-Stage Air Filtration (Mesh & HEPA)
    Pansonic Nanoe Technology
    Coverage Area: 280 sq. ft.
    4-Mode LED Indicator

Pros: Quiet
Modes Including Turbo & Sleep
Attractive Design
Eliminates Flu Viruses like H1N1 and H5N1
Humidifies Air

Bottomline: The Nanoe technology improves the quality of air significantly. With charged water ions that boost breathability, this air purifier is capable of making the air we breathe extremely soothing. Feature-rich, this functions as an ideal air purification system to deal with the deteriorating indoor air quality.

India’s pollution issue has shifted from being a menace to assume the form of a crisis. The serious rise in airborne pollutants, especially in contenders for the badge of “Smart City” is alarming, with Delhi being stated as one of the most polluted cities EVER by WHO last year. Inhabitants are forced to Hold Their Breaths, more often in dismay than excitement, due to the perils of the polluted air, as described by New York Times correspondent Gardiner Harris.

India Needs a Desperate Check on Air Pollution:

Despite political talks, the problem remains a velleity. Sadly, bolting back inside our homes isn’t a solution as many allergens and bacteria find their way inside by means other than air, or in other states and then convert to poisonous fumes. As a result, the market is being flouted with new Air Purifiers every month. Here’s one from Panasonic which will grab your attention instantly – F-PXM35A.

Simple Design with Sophisticated Technology:

Dressed in plain colors, the Panasonic F-PXM35A Air Purifier comes with simple and dedicated buttons for each mode. While there is no display present, seven LEDs depict various operations. Air is pulled inside from the sides and purified air is purged out from the vent on the top. The Air purifier features Panasonic’s proprietary Nanoe Technology, which feeds nano-sized water particles with an electrostatic charge to make the air more pleasant.

Fighting Deadly Viruses and Bacteria:

Fight Choking Air with Panasonic F-PXM35A Air Purifier: Review Powered by two-stage – mesh style and HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) – fibrous filters which capture particles efficiently, the air purifier is capable of even eliminating influenza virus (H1N1 & H5N1) as well as E.coli and MRSA bacteria, Panasonic claims. Operating the equipment is easy, owing to direct controls for Power On/Off, Low, Medium, High, Auto modes. There are buttons for Turbo and Sleep Modes, as well. The series of LEDs depicts various stages of operation, with six LED blinking red when the air quality is terrible, two LEDs red on moderate quality and single blue LED continuously beaming when the air is clean.

Modes to Suit each Hour:

The Turbo mode cleans the surrounding air within a span of 10 minutes. Sensing the quality of Air, Auto mode cycles between different speeds until the air purified. The Sleep Mode switches the air purifier off automatically after 8 hours, ensuring a comfortable sleep and power savings. Compared to the Blueair’s Pure 211 which recently paid visit to our Test lab, F-PXM35A is more feature-rich.

Quiet, Powerful Performer:

Fight Choking Air with Panasonic F-PXM35A Air Purifier: Review The Panasonic F-PXM35A Air Purifier goes almost unnoticeable with a calm sound and is only observable when High or Turbo modes are selected. One can sense the increased freshness in the air as well as a reduction in dampness in air, traces of food aroma or spillage, and odours from sweat and pets. The ambience in our 30 x 40 ft test area was improved because of the charged moist ions in the output air, which enhance breathability.

Price and Similar Prospects:

The Panasonic F-PXM35A is a convincing option, available for a price of Rs. 20,995 for silver colour and Rs. 21,995 for an artful floral print, which will add to the charm of your living or bedrooms. We recommend this over Blueair Blue Pure 211 which recently visited our test labs. Some of the options available in India are listed here.

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