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Indian smart ecosystems will drive global efficiencies

April 23, 2020

In addition to a global supply chain, global OEMs explore manufacturing opportunities in India considering the cost-effective nature of the country. Indian manufacturers are able to deliver high quality products ...


Secure Video Conferencing: Beware, even if no one’s ‘officially’ recording the meetings

April 21, 2020

Soma Tah   The demand fort team collaboration and video conferencing tools for both personal and business interactions have skyrocketed during the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. Faced with the unprecedented challenge of maintaining social distancing, ...

Secure Video Conferencing: Define roles to avoid video calls hijacking, data theft

April 21, 2020

Soma Tah   The Coronavirus crisis has brought in significant changes to life and work. Organizations embraced ‘remote work’ culture to ensure business continuity during stringent countrywide lockdown measures. The demand fort team ...

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Survive Lockdown: Let Society Management Apps do the leg work for you

April 17, 2020

Did we ever imagine, while we wished Happy New Year to each other just a few months ago, that we shall be living in a world where we cannot get ...


Skills required to become a successful VR app developer

April 17, 2020

Successful AR/VR app developers are more in demand in today’s world than ever before, in the past couple of years, we have seen the quality of applicants we ...

Industrial Robots: Don’t overlook the risks

April 15, 2020

Soma Tah   Interesting times ahead for the industrial robotics market, as artificial intelligence(AI) has made it easier to train robots now and thereby, making them more accessible to a wider array ...

Survive Lockdown: AR, VR experiences can help you beat the lockdown blues

April 13, 2020

Over a billion people across the world are in lockdown now. Most of them are worried not just about becoming infected with COVID-19, but also about how they will work ...

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Immersive technology offers widespread options

March 25, 2020

Tithi & Gautam Tewari, Founders of SmartVizX and Creators of Trezi, feel that through collaboration, millions of dollars can be saved worldwide which would have otherwise been spent on shopping ...

Cognitive collaboration taking over physical and virtual meetings 

March 20, 2020

Soma Tah       With geographical boundaries no longer a barrier for work, virtual meetings and remote collaboration are becoming the new norms. Hence, ...

Optimizing collaboration investments is crucial for organizations

March 20, 2020

Soma Tah       Ankur Goel, Managing Director of Poly India explains why instead of building large conference rooms, organizations these days prefer to invest ...

In quest of Sentient, Unified, and Seamless collaborative experience 

March 19, 2020

Soma Tah       Rajendran Dandapani, Director of Zoho University tells why the collaboration tools that promote flat hierarchies, frictionless sharing of vision ...

Cutting down on the ‘Work around work’

March 19, 2020

Soma Tah        Employees want to spend the majority of their time doing the actual work and not on doing meetings, ...

Weaving a collaborative culture into the organizational fabric

March 19, 2020

Soma Tah         Mujiruddin Shaikh, Market Tech Principal, ThoughtWorks India explains how a collaborative culture accelerates the value creation process in any organization, both internally and ...

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IoT revolution this decade

March 18, 2020

From smartphones and smart cars to smart homes and smart voice assistants, modern technology has gone mainstream with deeper integration in everyday life.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly ...

Collaboration in the time of Corona

March 13, 2020

Soma Tah   The one work culture that clearly differentiates Gen X people from Gen Y and Z people is the latter’s clear apathy for the 9-to-5 work culture. Internet connectivity, and ...

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The Future of VR- A Potential to Redefine Reality

March 3, 2020

Saurav Bhaik “VR is a way to escape the real world into something more fantastic. It has the potential to be the most social technology of all time” - Palmer Luckey, ...

InsurTech is the way forward

February 28, 2020

Girish Nayak, Chief-Customer Service, Operations and Technology, ICICI Lombard General Insurance, talks about how technologies like IoTs, mobile apps, RPA and blockchain are helping the insurance industry. Risk management and IoTs InsurTech ...

Personalized experience through intelligent digital workspace

January 31, 2020

Safi Obeidullah, Technology Strategist and Field CTO, APJ, Citrix, talks about the cloud, data protection, Everything-as-a-Service and desktop virtualization. How big has the growth of cloud been in India and what ...

When even the brick became smart

January 31, 2020

The Wienerberger brick factory in Kunigal (Karnataka) makes the Porotherm smart brick, which is roughly 9 times the size of an average brick. It has a hollow form factor that ...

Re-imagining business through AI-RPA

January 30, 2020

According to Rahul Sharma, Managing Director—India & SAARC, LogMeIn, AI can help develop a consistent, efficient and transparent operational process offering uniform experiences within an enterprise and for external communications. How ...