Free Fire MAX OB43 Update Download Link - Get Ready to Play with the New Chaos Events and New Character Ryden

Free Fire MAX is a popular battle royale game and Free Fire MAX OB43 Update brings in loads of new features including an interesting gameplay and new characters for the players.

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Free Fire MAX Download OB43 Update 2024 link

Free Fire MAX Download OB43 Update 2024 link

Free Fire MAX OB43 update comes with an all-New Chaos Event and a new Character Ryden. Free Fire MAX is a popular battle royale game and the game has gained its popularity among the players because of the regular updates on its platform. Free Fire MAX OB43 Update is just another step that will make the gameplay of Free Fire MAX even more immersive for the players. Free Fire MAX OB43 Update Download link is now available on the Google Play Store, and the game can now be played with all the major updates that also includes an entry into the exciting new world of ‘Chaos Events’.


Free Fire MAX- The Game

Free Fire MAX is a popular battle royale game that includes 50 players who are left on an isolated island to fight and survive. To fight and survive in the game you can use a full suite of weapons ranging from the guns to the grenades. You can either fight alone or can form a squad of four with your friends or other players in the game. The rule to win the game is simple but ruthless- To be the last player or the last team standing on the island.

Steps for Free Fire MAX OB43 Update Download for Android

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your web browser.
  • In the search bar on the upper-right corner search for Free Fire MAX or Click Here.
  • To allow installation from outside sources on your Android device- Go to Settings > Safety and Privacy > Allow Installation from Unknown Sources
  • Click on the 'Install' Link on the webpage, if you don't have the game or click on the 'Update' button to download OB43 update on your device.
  • Follow the instructions on the page to download and install Free Fire MAX on your Android device.
  • Click on the game icon on your home screen and play the game.

System Requirements for Playing Free Fire MAX on Your Android Device

Android Version- Android 4.4 or above


RAM- At least 2 GB

Free Fire MAX OB43 Update New Feature and New Characters

Free Fire MAX Update OB43 New Gameplay


Free Fire MAX OB43 Update makes the gameplay of Free Fire MAX more exciting with the introduction of the new gameplay ‘Chaos Events’. All you have to do is pick your favorite Chaos Event and turn the battlefield upside down. Chaos Events are a new addition to the gameplay in Free Fire MAX game where the players can vote for the chaos, they want in the 'chaos event' and bring it to the Battle Royale and Clash Squad battlefields. The events with the most votes will take place within the Battle Royale and the Clash Squad battlefields.

What are the Available Chaos Events?

Runaway Plane- Experience a special change in the air route as the airplane entering the BR battlefield is about to crash.


Cyber Mushroom- Get hold of the new super mushrooms that come with various buffs.

Unusual Arrival- Experience unusual airdrop mechanisms, as the airdrops in BR and CS have gone unusual changes.

Arsenal Eruption- Get ready to come in and loot, as all the arsenal doors are automatically opened.


Safe Zone Disrupted- Experience the first safe zone shrink at an unusual location.

Power Surge- The cool down time gets significantly reduced for the character active skills.

Other features of the chaos events include Mission Carnival and New In-Stock Items.


Just imagine the chaos you can create with all these gameplay techniques in the new Free Fire MAX OB43 Update, and these Chaos Events will occur in-match following the announcement of the results of each voting round in the Chaos. These events will continue till the conclusion of the entire Chaos event in the game. Even after it ends, the Chaos could occur randomly during matches, so get ready to vote and take part in the new Chaos Event.

Redesigned Layout for Combat Trait in Free Fire MAX OB43

Combat Trait Layout has been Redesigned and once the feature is live the players can enter matches with the Combat trait instead of the old layout.

Map Update- NeXTerra Rework

NeXTerra has gone a massive overhaul in the new Free Fire MAX OB43 Update and is more fun than ever. NeXTerra will now have fresh battle zones and will also feature a fresh array of buildings. In short, the barren desert has been given a new lease on life for a better fighting and survival experience through the improved gameplay mechanism.

New Characters in Free Fire MAX OB43 Update

Get ready to meet Ryden, a tech geek and an inventive genius. Ryden is a 16 year old boy who has been given wings in the new Free Fire MAX Ob43 Update to fly and vanquish the battlefield with the help of his talented inventions.

Character Reworks Update

Character reworks have been performed for Sonia, who has lost her revival feature. Other reworked characters include Santino and Orion.


Can I download the new Free Fire MAX OB43 update on my PC also?

Yes, you can now play the new Free Fire MAX OB43 update on your PC also with the Google play Games beta program. You just need to download the Google Play Games Beta app from the Google Play Store and then go to the play store again to download the Free Fire Max game for your Windows PC.  Click ‘Install on Windows’ and if your system meets the required system requirements you can play the new Free Fire MAX OB43 Update on your PC.

Click Here to check the system requirements for downloading Google Play Games Beta on your PC.

How Much RAM is needed on an Android device to play Free Fire MAX?

You need at least 2 GB of RAM on your Android device to play Free Fire MAX.

Free Fire MAX OB43 update comes with exciting new features. These new gameplay features will definitely make the game more exciting and immersive for the players.

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