GTA 6 Price -Is GTA 6 Going to be More Expensive than GTA 5?

Did you Know that GTA 5 surpassed $815 million sales withing 24 hours of its release and in 3 days the sales touched $1 billion. So, now you can imagine the sales numbers for GTA 6 after its official release on PS5 and Xbox X/S consoles.

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GTA 6 Price

GTA 6 Price

GTA 6 is surely the most awaited game in the action-adventure genre and the gaming community is still pondering over the question- How much will GTA 6 cost for PS5 and Xbox X/S Consoles? Did you Know that GTA 5 surpassed $815 million sales within 24 hours of its release and in 3 days the sales touched $1 billion. So, now you can imagine the sales numbers for GTA 6 after its official release on PS5 and Xbox X/S consoles. The press release by Rockstar games states “Grand theft Auto 6 heads to the state of Leonida, home to the neon-soaked streets of Vice City and beyond in the biggest, most immersive evolution of the Grand theft Auto series yet.” This statement by Rockstar games actually reveals the effort, money and technology that has been put in making GTA 6 as one of the most immersive open world games ever made in the action-adventure genre.


GTA 6 Price- Is it Really Going to be $70 USD

Most of the rumors about GTA 6 price weaved a story around GTA 6 being highly priced at $150. A price tag of $150 for GTA 6 definitely seems to be on the higher side, but the leaks suggested that Take-Two Interactive is building the game on a budget of $1 billion to $ 2 billion, and this makes GTA 6 one of the most expensive games that has ever been made. The game is expected to release Worldwide for PS5 and Xbox X/S consoles in the first quarter of 2025.

Contrary to the above thought GTA Countdown posted on Twitter in late 2023 that “Rumors of GTA 6 costing $150 per copy are false, as the CEO of Rockstar’s publisher has recently stated that $70 price tag is reasonable as a new standard for AAA games.”


Going by the historic data extracted from the past, Take-Two Interactive has released titles like NBA 2K24 at a price of $70, but this data is not sufficient to create a theory around the expected pricing for AAA games like GTA 6. According to a financial analysis by HitBerry Games “AAA games are developed by large mobile games development companies with significant resources and budgets. This allows them to invest heavily in the quality of the game's graphics, sound effects, music, and overall presentation”. GTA 6 is definitely going to be a game with high visual graphics and excellent technical effects for an immersive gaming experience, and its price could vary from $70 to $80 for a Standard edition. The Deluxe Edition for the game is definitely going to cost more in the range of $90-$100 and a collector’s edition might cost even higher and its price might be around $150-$200. Though all these are just speculations based on historical data and the huge costs involved in the making of a high-quality AAA game.

Is GTA 6 Price Going to be Higher Than Other GTA Series Games?


Based on the huge cost of $1 billion to $ 2 billion that is involved in the making of GTA 6, the price is definitely going to be higher than other GTA series games like GTA 5. GTA 5 was released for $59.99 for PS3 consoles and later for PS4. Now, with the rising inflation and high-cost of skilled labour the release price for AAA games has shifted from $60 to $70.

So, the fans can expect GTA 6 to launch at a price of $70, but only official confirmation by Rockstar games can unfold the correct release price for the game.

GTA 6- When Can You Pre-Order?


Pre-Orders for Rockstar games usually begin a few months before the release of the game. Red Dead Redemption 2 was available for pre-order 130 days before its release. With GTA 6 release date being set at Q1 2025 currently, the pre-orders for the game might begin in October 2024. The actual pre-order date and the bonuses that will come with pre-order can only be confirmed after an official announcement by the Rockstar Games.

GTA fans are eagerly looking forward to the release of next entry in the GTA Universe. GTA 6 Price, release date, trailer 2 release and details about gameplay mechanism are just based on leaks and analysis, and the final story will unfold once Rockstar games comes out with an official announcement on the game.

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