GTA 6 vs GTA 5- GTA Vice City Iconic Locations See a Comeback in GTA 6

According to a recent post on Twitter by ‘GTA 6 Countdown’, the popular upcoming game GTA 6 will feature the return of Iconic Vice City Locations.

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GTA 6 vs GTA 5

GTA 6 vs GTA 5

According to a recent post on Twitter by ‘GTA 6 Countdown’, the popular upcoming game GTA 6 will feature the return of Iconic Vice City Locations. GTA Vice City is still a popular game as it takes the players back to the rocking 1980’s decade of excess, big hair and pastel suits. GTA Vice City follows the story of the protagonist Tommy Vercetti who rises to the top of the criminal world of Vice City with the return of Grand Theft Auto. Currently, discussions on leaks around GTA 6 map, Trailer 2 and gameplay can be seen everywhere on the web including all the popular social media handles like Twitter and Facebook, and if GTA 6 really marks the return of iconic locations from Vice City, then it will serve as a real treat for the GTA Series fans.


Iconic Vice City Locations that will Return in GTA 6

Despite the fact that GTA 6 will take you back to the sun-soaked streets of Vice city, the locations in GTA 6 would be more contemporary and the gameplay would focus more on AI enabled gaming techniques. So, are you really curious to know what GTA Vice City iconic locations will feature in the most anticipated GTA Series game? Based on the leaks here is the list of the iconic Vice City locations that will feature in GTA 6.

·       Malibu Club


·       Ocean View Hotel and the iconic yellow Oceanic car

·       Ocean Drive

·       Little Haiti (neighborhood)


·       Leaf Links (golf course)

·       Ocean Beach, Washington Beach & South Beach

·       Viceport


·       Escobar International Airport

GTA 6 vs GTA 5- Gameplay, Trailer, Characters and Map

GTA 6 vs GTA 5 Trailer


GTA 5 has been the most popular game in the entire GTA series, and till now after almost 10 years of its release it has maintained its position. Enormous success earned by GTA 5 can be owed to its fantastic storyline and characters, which coupled with the immersive open world gameplay experience makes it a game that means complete value for money. According to Forbes, ‘The ‘GTA 6’ Trailer Passes 12 Years Of ‘GTA 5’ Trailer Views In 36 Hours.’ The GTA 5 trailer has a total of 101 million views in 10 years, while GTA 6 trailer got about 104 million views in 36 hours. Amazing! Isn’t it? No wonder GTA 6 Trailer 2 is the most awaited trailer in the gaming community, as it might reveal some more details or facts about the game.

GTA 6 vs GTA 5 Gameplay

GTA 5 fans know that the gameplay of GTA 5 is immersive because of its open-world adventure and its action themed storyline. In GTA 5 the players can take up the role of any of the three protagonists of the story and they can get involved in various pursuits like flying an aeroplane or helicopter, robbery, stealing or driving a car in a reckless manner, or escaping the police. The game is action-packed and interactions with NPCs while exploring the open world make the game even more interesting for the players. GTA 6 will definitely follow a similar gameplay, but all these features in GTA 6 will be more enhanced because of the introduction of AI enabled gameplay techniques. GTA 6 AI enabled gameplay will feature more realistic NPC behavior, sophisticated AI response mechanism for police, transformation in enemy dynamics, and an AI enabled interactive gameplay. GTA 6 might bring good news for the basketball players, as the game is rumored to feature 3v3 basketball game feature. 


GTA 6 vs GTA 5- Characters

The story of GTA 5 revolves around 3 main protagonists Trevor, a criminal, Michale De Santa, a former bank robber, and Franklin a young street hustler. On the other hand, GTA 6 will have two main protagonists and one of them will be female. The two main protagonists of GTA 6, Jason and Lucia will follow a story weaved around the popular gameplay elements of GTA series of games- crime, robbery, reckless driving and drugs.

GTA 6 vs GTA 5- Map


Lots of leaks are happening around GTA 6 map and its expansive reach, but none of them are officially confirmed details. The leaks around GTA 6 map have revealed that GTA 6 map will have over 100 locations to explore and 70% enterable buildings. This information is based on a leak on Twitter that revealed that the sticker behind Jason and Lucia’s car (two main protagonists of the game) showcases a map which is similar in shape to the map of Florida. The map for the game is mostly inspired by the location Miami, with leaks surrounding presence of locations like Ocean Drive and South Beach. GTA 6 map is expected to show diverse landscapes like Everglades Swamps, Florida Key Islands, and some part of the Gulf Coast. The map for GTA 6 is also expected to feature surrounding states, and this includes Georgia as the main location.

GTA 6 is definitely going to be the most-immersive action-adventure game ever made. The leaks surrounding the game still need some official confirmation from the Rockstar gaming company, but till then the rumors are enough to keep the gaming community busy in analyzing what’s going to unfold next in the game till its final release on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms in Q1 2025.

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