PCQ User’s Choice Awards 2021: Presenting the Top Consumer Brands

Ashok Pandey
New Update
PCQ User’s Choice Awards 2021

PCQuest brings back the ever-popular Users’ Choice Awards in its 2021 edition. The consumer product survey, the largest of its kind in India undertaken by CyberMedia Research (CMR), covers as many as 10,000 users across 10 categories. We present a comprehensive analysis of awareness and usage of various brands with their reasons, future preferences, satisfaction, advocacy and the brand affinity index. Check out the winners in each of the 10 categories and the reasons to understand why they came out on top


The Users’ Choice Awards, as the name suggests is a survey to determine the products that users have bought and are likely to buy in the future. We’ve provided a detailed survey methodology in the next article, so here, we’ll only tell you about the profile of the audience we surveyed:

PCQ Users Choice Awards 2021

Our core objective was to map the awareness, usage and satisfaction of different brands in respective product categories. We wanted to understand the reasons behind using a particular brand as well as future preference. We also measured the loyalty and advocacy of users for each brand. Based on all the above parameters, we have developed the brand affinity index of each brand.


Survey Methodology

The Users’ Choice Awards this year have been decided after conducting a survey among 10,000 users across the top Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Pune. We reported results separately for each category. It was an online survey where users chose their brands they are using currently and shared their feedback around it.

The survey questionnaire sought information on six basic areas:


Spontaneous awareness: It is the percentage of users who could recall different brands spontaneously when asked about awareness of brands in a particular product category.

Current usage: It is the percentage of users who primarily use any particular brand. Also, the reasons for using their current brand was captured.

Consideration: It is the percentage of users who would consider any particular brand at the time of their next purchase.


Satisfaction: It is the percentage of users who are very satisfied or satisfied with their current brands. It has been captured in a 5-point scale.

Loyalty: This signifies the likelihood of users to choose the current brand as their next brand. It has been captured in a 5-point scale.

Advocacy: This signifies the likelihood of users to recommend their current brand to their peers. It has been captured in a 10-point scale.


Awards Categories

The survey was conducted to identify the top brands across 10 different categories. Based on the survey, the winners have been declared across the following categories:

How did we decide the winners?

For all the six parameters, we assigned certain weightage based on an internal discussion between CMR and PCQuest. The value of each parameter was standardised to represent all the parameters in one scale. The average weighted score of all the parameters was calculated to derive the affinity index of all the brands in each category. Finally, on the basis of the derived Index score, the winners were identified for each product category.