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Supreme Court agrees to hear Facebook’s plea

Supreme Court agrees to hear Facebook’s plea of linking user accounts with Aadhaar

August 20, 2019

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Facebook’s plea for transfer of all the three cases from High Courts that demands social media accounts of users should be linked with ...

Facebook Messenger kids App

Flawed Messenger kids App can put Facebook in trouble again

July 23, 2019

Facebook messenger kids app is built in a way that it prevents kids from chatting with people who aren’t approved by their parents.  But a design flaw first noticed by ...

Instagram rolls out new feature of shadow ban

Instagram now allows you to Shadow ban bullies

July 10, 2019

It seems like Instagram has taken online bullying very seriously. To prevent online bullying, Instagram now allows users to restrict or 'shadow ban' accounts that indulge in bullying. What is Shadow ...

election results 2019

Election Results 2019: Here is how to track all the live action happening

May 23, 2019

The much-anticipated Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 will be announced today (May 23). While the counting has already been begun, the final results will be declared by the evening. While ...


Twitter rolls out ability to add photo, video to Retweet

May 7, 2019

Twitter wants you to do more with Retweets. The Retweet feature which till only allowed users to add text, now in a new update allow users to add a photo, ...

Good Habits for safe digital transactions

February 8, 2018

Transactions, including digital payments, using IMPS, UPI, Debit and Credit cards, Wallets, and Mobile Banking have seen a tremendous increase especially in the last year. Following table shows the volumes (in Millions) and values (in ...

What Fintech leaders want from Union Budget 2018

January 29, 2018

FinTech industry has gained so much from year 2017. With looking upon the trends, this year too industry leaders are expecting more support from policy makers for incentivize digital payments and ... facebook, School of innovation

Facebook & SV.CO Collaborates to launch School of Innovation for Indians

December 13, 2017

School of Innovation will cherry pick cutting edge technologies for students to learn and build products for the future India's first digital incubator for college entrepreneurs, SV.CO, has teamed up with ...


Your Favorite Mobile Apps Are Taking The Upgrade Road

November 29, 2017

Changing with time is the vital key to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life. Similarly, updating your techie gadgets on a constant basis is of prime importance to avail ...

Twitter Partners with Bloomberg Media for News Streaming Network

May 2, 2017

Twitter is joining forces with Bloomberg media to create the first-ever 24/7 breaking news network. The new live streaming news network will combine the vast global editorial and newsgathering capabilities ...

9 Visualisation Tools to Make Your Content More Attractive

March 30, 2017

Data visualisation is entering a new era of intelligence and contextual understanding. Big brands are deploying different kinds of visualisation packages to keep the consumers engaged. We know that visual ...

10 Tips to Create Effective Memes for Social Media Marketing

March 22, 2017

Digital marketing is more interactive and personal now, thanks to the social media. Varieties of content types are deployed by brands across the internet for bringing the audience into the ...

Here’s How Smartphone and Social Media are Merging to Change the Rules of Digital Marketing

February 17, 2017

Social media has been evolving at a rapid pace and with the rise in the number of different platforms, the audience is more fragmented and diverse. Brands are more careful ...

The Cost of Love in the age of Online Dating

February 13, 2017

Nowadays, online dating is as normal as online shopping. According to the recently released Norton Mobile Survey, dating-based social networking is rapidly becoming the norm in India with about 38 ...

UK and Australia among the Most Civil Nations Online, Microsoft Reports

February 8, 2017

Microsoft has released some stats showing relative safety and civility by nation on “Safer Internet Day,". According to the stats, people in the UK find each other pretty civil online as ...

Hugo Barra Returns to Silicon Valley as Facebook’s VR Chief

January 26, 2017

Hugo Barra, who was poached from Google to head Xiaomi's international expansion plans, is set to join Facebook to lead the company’s VR division. Barra who was based out of China ...

Norton Research: Children More Likely to be Bullied Online than on a Playground

January 23, 2017

Norton by Symantec, today released findings from the 2016 Norton Cyber Security Insights Report: Family Edition, which sheds light on parents’ perceptions of cyberbullying and the preventative measures they are ...

Chat-to-buy Feature Might Revolutionize the Social Commerce Experience in India

December 13, 2016

Chat-to-buy feature is set to alter the paradigm of social commerce in India by combining 3 million Indian fashion lovers and ...

After Rahul Gandhi, Hacktivists Target Vijay Mallya on Twitter

December 9, 2016

After Rahul Gandhi, convicted liquor baron Vijay Mallya is facing the ire of hacktivist group Legion on twitter. His twitter and email accounts were hacked today and details regarding his ...

Smartphones Dominate Flickr Uploads with Apple Leading the Pack

December 9, 2016

Apple remains the leading camera brand among its users according to a report by Flickr. Smartphones have grown as the device of choice for photography enthusiasts, while point and shoot and ...