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Pokemon to Catch Initially in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

November 21, 2022

Many trainers may already find themselves a bit entangled and get confused by all the new creatures they can catch in the all Pokemon Scarlet and Violet which ...

Pokemon Go

Over 590 million people downloaded Pokémon GO, generating $4.5 billion in lifetime revenue

September 27, 2022

Pokémon GO became one of the most popular mobile games in the past few years, attracting new players who spent a considerable amount on in-app purchases.

Educational Games

Top 3 educational video games for kids during summer vacations

May 20, 2022

In today's time where the digital world has become part of everyone's daily life, especially kids who are also caught in the digital space through smartphones and gadgets, one can ...


MPL Extends Premium Subscription To Gamers with New Features and Benefits

March 23, 2021

Mobile Premier League (MPL), an esports and skill-gaming platform, today announced the launch of a premium subscription-based service for its gamers, MPL VIP. The MPL VIP subscription is available at ...

open-world games

5 Open World Games With Huge Maps for Low-End PCs

February 17, 2021

Open world games are fun when the map is full of adventures and quests to achieve and complete. The map is very important, how good and convincing the buildings to ...


PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: 5 Points to Become a Pro

February 10, 2021

PUBG mobile is still a very popular game with new players joining every single day. There are some things apart from the game mechanics and maps that you need to ...


FAMAS in PUBG Mobile: The Best Assault Rifle Yet?

February 10, 2021

The PUBG update introduced players to a new weapon in the shape of FAMAS. It's been almost a month since it came out, and it is important to see how ...


High-End Games That Are Playable on Low-End PCs

February 9, 2021

Budget gamers often give up on the dream of running a high-end game on their system because of the hardware incapability and even though, games are becoming demanding with each ...

Free FPS Games

5 Free FPS Games for Super Low-End PC That You Should Be Playing in 2021

February 9, 2021

Counter-Strike: Global offensive and Valorant have become synonymous with multiplayer FPS games. These games, however, are demanding and need configuration to run but the gaming community never disappoints nor leaves ...

Best FPS Games

Top 3 FPS Games for Low End PCs with 2 GB RAM

February 9, 2021

FPS games have always been the hot cake of the gaming community and rightly so due to the presence of franchises are Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. Campaign-based offline FPS ...

Top Open World Games Like GTA

Top 5 Open-World Games Like GTA For Low/Mid-Spec PCs

February 9, 2021

The GTA franchise is one of the most famous franchises in the gaming community. The open-world games are fun to play and some even have multiplayer and online modes. However, ...

Top 5 Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

Moving Around: Top 5 Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

February 5, 2021

PUBG mobile a fast-paced multiplayer game and even though players spend most of their in-game looting and fighting, going from one end of the map to another is a very ...

Assaulting the Enemy: Top 5 Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile

Assaulting the Enemy: Top 5 Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile

February 5, 2021

PUBG mobile features a number of assault rifles for players to choose from. Some of these are available as loots and some are drop exclusive. However, every gun is different ...


FAU-G Trailer Reveals a Major Problem with Indian Game Development

October 26, 2020

Akshay Kumar tweeted yesterday the FAU-G teaser for everyone to see what the game is going to be about and it was rather disappointing. For those who are out of ...


Vainglory Review: Free to Play Mobile MOBA That Doesn’t Disappoint

October 12, 2020

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA is one of the most popular gaming genres. Games like LOL, WoW, and DOTA2 have huge followings and communities based around them but none ...

PUBG MObile Ban In india, Indian PUBG Mobile, PABJE

PUBG Mobile Ban: Have You Seen The Indian Alternative PABJE

September 3, 2020

Jugaad is a concept every Indian understands. For those unfamiliar with the concept of Jugaad, it basically boils down to making the best of what you have with the limited ...

Football games for android and ios

Play-At-Home: Online Football Games that you must try with the gang

September 1, 2020

The pandemic has taken a toll on the people and especially on people who miss their sports. With almost all sports events being canceled and people being indoor for the ...

Create Your Ideal Team in Dream 11 and Win in Small League Matches

Create Your Ideal Team in Dream 11 and Win in Small League Matches

August 31, 2020

Dream11 is a fantasy cricket online game that lets people make their own cricket teams and compete in a match online and win money. Since its launch, many people have ...

Nintendo Switch

Which Nintendo Switch Games to Play in 2020? This Will Help You Decide!

June 1, 2020

Nintendo has been around for a long time and the name is associated with gaming. The Nintendo Switch has now become their most popular gaming console with 3rd party games ...

Epic Games Unveils First Look

Epic Games Announced The First Look at Unreal Engine 5

May 14, 2020

Epic Games announced the first look at Unreal Engine 5. One of Epic’s goals in this next generation is to achieve photorealism on par with movie CG and real-life and ...