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Best Apps of 2018 on Google Play Store

December 12, 2018

The following apps have made it to the incredible list of best apps on Google play store. These apps made our lives better and filled our empty moments with some ...


GoUSA TV Introduces Streaming Video App to Deliver Premium Travel Content to Smartphone Users Around the Globe

December 12, 2018

GoUSA TV announced the GoUSA TV app is now available for download on iOS and Android devices around the world. The app harnesses the power of entertainment to ...


ICICI Bank Introduces ‘Money Coach’

December 8, 2018

ICICI Bank launches India’s 1st automated and robotics based investment advisory application on mobile for customers - ‘Money Coach.’ The software robotics is based on automated personal finance and ...


5 Apps to Help you Rent a Room

December 5, 2018

If you’re looking to move house, and want to find a suitable rental property or shared accommodation, these apps can help you find the right fit. 1. MagicBricks Another app version of ...

camera apps

Top 5 Camera Apps For Android

November 29, 2018

Our days are half-done, if they go without clicking a selfie; thus, we suggest 5 camera apps for Android devices that will further beautify your photos. 1. Candy Camera Lakhs of people ...


5 Apps that can be your Hacks to Survive Last-minute Travel Plans

November 26, 2018

There are some eternal restless souls who don't believe in planning there way out to a destination. For them, it's just one impulsive decision that make them pack ...

video app

Top 5 Video App for Android

November 22, 2018

Creating and editing videos can be an arduous task. Though with the trend in video apps you can create or edit any kind of video like a professional.  Other than ...

mobile wallets

How are mobile wallets doing in India?

November 20, 2018

Mobile wallets are a new concept in India that has been slowly beginning to replace the traditional payment methods. Payment wallet is a virtual place to store money that can perform ...

Artificial Intelligence

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android & Apps

November 19, 2018

Artificial Intelligence is the fourth industrial revolution, which has conquered every sphere in the universe; there is AI-enabled news anchor and AI-powered moon too. And we also have ...

mobile apps

5 mobile apps that are assuring organized corporate commutation In India

November 15, 2018

As the standard of living of Indians has witnessed a rise in the bar, more and more vehicles have packed the roads henceforth worsening the environment and traffic condition. Every ...

educational apps

Top 5 Educational App For Your Kids

November 14, 2018

Any child born in modern days is innately driven towards technology in general and social media to be specific. A 5-year-old will have a basic understanding of WhatsApp, Facebook or ...

Drone App

Top 5 Drone App to Make You a Better Drone Pilot

November 12, 2018

  Strengthen your drone piloting skills with these top 5 drone app. The tools in these app make the flight of your unmanned aerial vehicle smooth and memorable with great recording ...

job search apps

Top 5 Job Search Apps for Android

November 5, 2018

Looking for your dream or a job change? Don’t fret! Here are top 5 job search apps for Android phones to help you sail through the job finding process with ...

Quick Heal

Top 5 Messaging Apps For Android & iOS

October 31, 2018

Our smartphones are incomplete without messaging apps. And when now texting is not always with family and friends, our business network is also all settled and comfortable on these feature-filled ...

writing apps

5 Writing Apps for Android and iOS

October 26, 2018

The art of writing gives you the power to create a new world altogether. Make complete use of the following 5 writing apps to create a world of your own ...

travel apps

5 Must-Have Travel Apps For The Next Holiday Season

October 25, 2018

With the holiday season approaching, I am sure a lot of ideas and plans would be hovering in your mind. Let me help you a bit in planning your next ...

language learning app

5 Language Learning App to Upgrade Your Linguistic Skills

October 24, 2018

Learning a new language works two ways – it upgrades your skills and gives a different vision to your life. So, don’t miss out on this full-pack opportunity and learn ...

music app

5 Music App For Keeping Stress At Bay

October 22, 2018

One of the best ways to beat stress & anxiety is Music. And with today's ease of smartphones, you can carry your music wherever you go with the music app. 1. ...

Android Apps

5 Mobile App for Start-ups and SMBs

October 18, 2018

When you plan to kick-start something of your own there can various kinds of hassles such as finance, infrastructure, marketing managing the team, delegating the tasks, etc. So, today we ...

photo editor app

5 Photo Editor App to Edit Like a Pro

October 17, 2018

Enhance the appearance of your photographs with fun photo editing tools. And create meme, collages and apply fun filters to your photos with the help of 5 photo ...